Settled Promo Code

Settled Estate Agent Review
They may not be the best-known online estate agent but is there a Settled promo code you can use?

It’s a question that’s increasingly being asked and the good news is that Settled are one of the online estate agents who do offer promo codes and voucher codes occasionally.

Simply check out the box below to see if there is a current settled promo code available for you to use.

No Longer Offering Estate Agency Services

Settled do have a habit of pushing their legal services on you when you list your property for sale, therefore look out for Settled promo codes that would make the legal fees more palateable.

If a Settled promo code is showing above then we recommend you use it sooner, rather than later, since their codes do not tend to be active for very long.

Settled – Our Rating = 8.2/10

Settled Estate Agent Review

Settled come across as a very cheap online estate agent which makes them an attractive choice for many people looking to sell their home.

However, our Settled estate agents review found that while they no longer tie you into using their conveyancing services, they have also now removed the option to only pay only completion.

This means you don’t have the choice over whether to pay upfront or not. That never fills us with confidence if an estate agent isn’t prepared to offer ‘no sale, no fee’.

They are also one of the least well-known of the major online estate agencies and therefore there aren’t many reviews from their customers available. This makes them a harder proposition to judge.

On the bright side, their website is very well-presented and easy-to-use.

Therefore, they aren’t a bad choice as such, especially if there’s a good Settled promo code avilable. However, for most people there are better online estate agents available.

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