Selling Property

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Selling A Home To A Family Member Below Market Value

Selling A Property To A Family Member At Below Market Value

There are many reasons why someone will consider selling a property to a family member at below market value – but this kind act can have a sting in the …

Buying Property

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Buying Property With Short Lease

Buying A Property With A Short Lease

When purchasing a property, you’re likely to come across the terms freehold and leasehold. Knowing the difference between freehold and leasehold properties is important, as leasehold can add additional costs …

Property Investing

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Are Letting Agents Regulated?

Are Letting Agents Regulated?

For landlords and property investors, one of the big attractions for running their property professionally is to utilise the services of an agent, but are letting agents regulated? While that …

Understanding Commercial Property Surveys & Reports

Should You Survey A Buy To Let Property?

Home Improvement

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Ways To Maintain A Wooden Garage Door

4 Ways To Give Your Wooden Garage Door Year-Round Care

If you’ve gone to the trouble to invest in a beautiful wooden garage door, keeping it in top condition and looking welcoming will be top of your list. We all …

How To Damp Proof Your Walls

Should I Convert My Garage Into Living Space?

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