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The Complete Guide To Buying A Property

The Complete Guide To Selling A Property

Selling Property

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How Much To Charge For Fixtures And Fittings

How Much To Charge For Fixtures And Fittings?

Knowing how much to charge for fixtures and fittings when selling a house can be a crucial issue and it’s important you don’t get it wrong, so you don’t end …

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House?

Selling A House With Solar Panels

Buying Property

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Guide To Buying A Building Plot

Your Guide To Buying A Building Plot

Building your own home starts with acquiring a plot of land. Once you’ve perused the many plot finder websites, consulted with land agents, auction houses, and scoured the neighbourhood for …

What Is The Modern Method Of Auction?

Bidding For A House – How To Win

Buying A House That Needs Underpinning

Are Searches Necessary When Buying A House?

Property Investing

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Are Landlords Responsible For Pest Control_

Are Landlords Responsible For Pest Control?

When it comes to a rental property, tenants may wonder whether it is their responsibility if there is a pest or vermin infestation – or are landlords responsible for pest …

How To Start Flipping Houses – And Succeed!

Home Improvement

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Equity Release Mortgage

Is An Equity Release Mortgage A Good Option?

Equity release is a specialist sub-sector of the financial services industry that has significantly matured in the last decade or so. While the concept was once viewed with suspicion, today’s …