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Buying or selling a property in the UK is complicated.

From SSTC to memorandum’s of sale. From gazumping to gazundering. From slow solicitors to delicate chains. There’s a lot to understand and manage.

And that’s not to mention the average house sells for around £300,000 in the UK making it the single biggest transaction most of us will ever be involved in!

It’s no wonder that in a recent survey, 57% of Brits ranked moving house as ‘the most stressful life event’.

Here at Property Road, we’ve been helping people navigate the moving process since 2017.

But we thought it was time to make our advice even simpler. To make the whole process of buying and/or selling so easy anyone could follow it and avoid the many pitfalls.

Introducing the FREE Property Road step-by-step platform…

Property Road Platform Screenshot

Here’s some of what you’ll get, completely and utterly for FREE:

Easy-to-follow steps

Be guided right through to completion (and beyond) with clear, easy-to-follow steps for the entire buying and selling process.

Easy-To-Follow Steps

Trackable progress

Mark steps as complete as you move through the process so you always know where you are and what comes next.

Mark As Complete

Clear actions

Always know what you need to do to keep your transaction progressing smoothly with clear recommended actions.

Take action

Built-in quotations

Use our built in forms to request quotes from solicitors, surveyors and removal firms at the exact points you need them.

Compare quotes

Detailed explainer articles

Every step included recommended further reading for when you need that extra detail to help understand a step.

Good to know articles

Why is it free?

We’re glad you asked! Having been serial buyers and sellers ourselves, we know that the whole process can be confusing and stressful – especially if you’ve never been through it before.

We created the Property Road blog to help people navigate buying and selling properties, using our experiences as a guide.

Our platform is a natural evolution of the blog, taking all the information we’ve published (and a host of new stuff, too) and organising it into a clear, easy-to-follow order.

So that you can mark steps as complete and track your progress, you need to register. But, we wanted to keep it free to access and so there are no fees associated with our platform and we do not have any of our own services to sell to you.

Instead, we cover our running costs by earning a small commission (typically £5-10) when you request a quote via one of our built-in forms. You can choose not to use these forms and that’s totally OK, but in doing so, you help to support the work we do.

So, join for FREE today and start tracking your way to a successful completion when buying and/or selling a property in the UK!

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