Property Solvers Review

Property Solvers Review
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Property Solvers Reviews

Overall Rating:


Value For Money = 7.5

Customer Support = 9.7

Reputation = 9.2


  • Offer choice of 7-day cash sale or 28-day estate agency sale
  • No sale, no fee and no contract tie-ins
  • Excellent reviews from customers on online review sites


  • ‘Percentage of sale’ pricing model will work out expensive for some
  • ‘Realistic’ property pricing means your property may be listed for less than with other agents
  • Website can be confusing at times

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Property Solvers Review – As a hybrid estate agent that offers quick house sales and traditional estate agency services, Property Solvers is an interesting prospect.

Find out what we made of them in our full review…

At A Glance:

Property Solvers is designed primarily for people who want to sell their home quickly. There’s a ‘Cash House Sale’ option for those in a genuine hurry. With that you’ll sell direct to Property Solvers within 7 days but you’ll only get up to 75% of market value.

If you don’t want to sacrifice some of the value of your home, they offer a traditional estate agency service where you can expect offers for 100% of the market value. The downside is you’ll have to wait up to 28 days just to receive firm offers.

Here’s how they perform in the most important areas:
  • Prices start from 1.50% for traditional estate agency service
  • Or choose to sell your home within 7 days for up to 75% value
  • Properties advertised on all major portals
  • Excellent ratings on independent review sites such as
  • No sale, no fee – you only pay when you sell

So far, this Property Solvers review has got off to a decent start. Having both a cash sale option and a traditional estate agency service is fairly unique and may appeal to those in a hurry to sell.

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How Much Does Property Solvers Cost?

Our Property Solvers review has found that there are no additional fees to pay for their quick cash sale option. That’s because they make their money by buying your home significantly below asking price. This is, therefore, only suitable for those in a rush to sell even at a knockdown price.

What is perhaps more of interest to us is their traditional estate agency service. With this, they promise to get you firm offers within 28 days. While they charge a percentage fee rather than a fixed fee for this, it is at least a ‘no sale, no fee’ service.

If you’re going down the traditional route then Property Solvers offer three different prices. The most basic costs 1.50% of your final sales price.

There is also a premium option priced at 1.95% of your final sale price. This gets you a few extras from the middle package, including an augmented/virtual reality tour and a featured listings upgrade on the major portals. The average property will pay around £1000 extra for this which, again, seems a little on the high side.

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Whichever option you decide to go for, you’ll get all of the following as standard:

  • Unlimited accompanied viewings
  • Professional photographs & floor plan
  • Listing on major property portals
  • 24/7 enquiry line and live chat
  • Weekly sales reports
  • Complete sales progression service
  • No minimum contracts or tie-ins
  • Expert advice as and when you need it

So, as you can see, Property Solvers do offer many of the same things you’d expect from a normal estate agent. They even have local offices located in various cities across the UK.

Each option also includes a ‘For Sale’ board to go in front of your property for extra visibility.

All in all, Property Solvers does tick a lot of the boxes. The only thing to watch out for is the price. We’ve already discussed how upgrading your package can be quite expensive. However, it’s also worth pointing out that as with any purely ‘percentage of sale’ pricing model, you’ll be punished for having a higher value property.

We much prefer fixed-fee pricing, especially when also linked to ‘no sale, no fee’. That’s not to say percentage-based pricing is bad, it’s just it feels unfair unless you have a relatively low-value property.

Property Solvers Review

Property Solvers Add-Ons:

As part of our Property Solvers review, we looked for information on what optional extras they offer and how much they cost.

Unfortunately, their website does not make it clear what is available. That means if there is something specific you want to add to your package (such as an EPC) you’ll want to check with them how much it will cost before you commit to selling with Property Solvers.

Property Solvers Reviews From Customers:

Just sold my property to property solvers. they were absolutely wonderful, hassel free. The took care of every thing. better than 5 star service. thank you.

Akmal Ali via review

Absolutely brilliant service, the guys were helpful and friendly and gave us assistance all the way through the process. Sold the house in 3 days! What more can I say? Great! Five stars!

Nev Devanney via review
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So, Is Property Solvers Any Good?

Let’s make one thing clear, there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with Property Solvers. Our review has found that this is an established, trustworthy company with some excellent reviews online.

The fact they combine quick cash sales with a traditional estate agency offering means they cover all bases. If you want to sell your property quickly then Property Solvers is a genuinely good option.

The 24/7 customer support is excellent and for many people with lower value properties, the fee for selling via the traditional route will be comparable or better to many high street agents.

Our issue is more with the ‘percentage of sale’ pricing which we’ve always felt unnecessarily punishes those with higher value properties. The difference in selling a £500,000 property versus a £100,000 property isn’t 5 times the amount of work or skill, so why is the fee 5x more?

This is a criticism of the model rather than Property Solvers though. It’s an established model used by the vast majority of high street estate agents and if you’re fine with it then Property Solvers offers a great option.

Property Solvers TV Advert:

Negatives Of Property Solvers:

Our Property Solvers review has, so far, focused mostly on the positives of the company. As with anything, there are some negatives to be aware of. None of them are particular deal-breakers but they are worth considering all the same.

For instance, the website feels a little confused at times. They are trying to sell two different services in the quick cash sale and the traditional estate agency options. This sometimes leads to confused messaging where you’re not sure which service they are actually trying to explain.

There is also a question mark over the traditional estate agency service. They claim that most high street agents overvalue your property in order to win your business. This results in properties taking a long time to sell.

Their approach instead ‘realistically’ prices your property to get offers within 28 days. Essentially this means they’re likely to list your property for less than your local high street agent and there’s a risk it will be below the price you could actually sell for with a little more patience.

It’s, therefore, a bit of a trade-off. If you want a good price but still want to sell fast, Property Solvers is a good choice. However, if you’re looking for the highest possible sale price and don’t mind waiting (even if it takes a month or more) then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Finally, we also found a comparison table on the Property Solvers website that showed how they compare to high street estate agents. We found this to be slightly deceiving in some of its claims.

For instance, it claims high street agents don’t offer virtual reality tours yet some do, it claims high street agents charge a buyer reservation fee yet there are a large number that don’t, plus it claims high street agencies don’t do ‘no sale, no fee’ yet, in our experience, the vast majority do.

We appreciate the table is a generalisation of high street agents but we do not feel it’s an entirely fair generalisation. It’s clearly designed to put Property Solvers in the best possible light even if that means bending the truth slightly. That makes us a little uncomfortable.

Property Solvers Review – Summary:

So, as we now reach the end of our Property Solvers review we need to establish whether this is a good option for those wanting to sell their home.

In short, it most certainly is but only if you’re more interested in selling quickly rather than achieving the best possible price.

This is particularly true for their ‘quick cash sale’ service but also applies to their more traditional estate agency offering too. ‘Realistically’ pricing properties to sell within 28 days most likely means a significant number of people will end up with lower offers than if they had exercised a little more patience.

That said, if you’re fine with this and just need to sell relatively quickly, the overall Property Solvers reviews are extremely positive and their service ticks a lot of the boxes.

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