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[Updated 2022] Reading the best online estate agent reviews is one of the most important things you can do before selling your property.

That’s why we have dedicated a section of our site to help you find the best online estate agent for you.

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Yopa Estate Agent

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Top-Rated No Sale, No Fee

Strike Reviews

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Best Online Estate Agents Comparison Table:

Estate AgentCheapest Package'No Sale, No Fee'Our RatingReviewOfficial Site
Yopa Estate Agent£999£1,999
Read ReviewVisit Website
Strike ReviewsFREEFREE
Read ReviewVisit Website
emoov0.5% (Plus £249 Upfront)0.5% (Plus £249 Upfront)
Read ReviewVisit Website
eSale reviews£595£1,195
Read ReviewVisit Website
Read ReviewVisit Website
99Home Reviews£99£799
Read ReviewVisit Website
I Am The Agent reviews£49N/A
Read ReviewVisit Website
Griffin Residential Reviews£195From £395
Read ReviewVisit Website
Property Solvers Reviews1.25%Included
Read ReviewVisit Website
SellMyHome Reviews£150 per month0.75%
Read ReviewVisit Website
Visum Reviews£49 per monthN/A
Read ReviewVisit Website
Springbok Property Review1 to 2%Included
Read ReviewVisit Website
Purplebricks Reviews£999N/A
Read ReviewVisit Website
EasyProperty Reviews£890N/A
Read ReviewVisit Website
Express Estate Agency1 to 1.5%Included
Read ReviewVisit Website

Use the table above to compare online estate agents and read our reviews.

We regularly add new reviews. When we do, the above table is updated with our latest findings. We try hard to keep the information completely up-to-date, but we advise you check the estate agents websites to check their latest prices.

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How Our Ratings Work:

When we conduct our online estate agent reviews, we keep you, the reader, at the forefront of our mind. We look at three key points for each agent; value for money, customer support, and the overall reputation of the brand (considering customer feedback and brand recognition).

In each of these three areas, we score the agent out of ten. These scores are then added together and, an average is taken to produce an overall score out of ten. This score decides exactly where that estate agent should sit in our online estate agent comparison table.

Our opinions are based on the information available at the time of conducting the review. In some cases, we have personal experiences with the agent that forms the basis for our review.

Where we do not have direct experience, we spend time thoroughly researching the company and talking to past customers. This helps us understand exactly what you get for your money and where the agent should sit in our list of best online estate agents.

At-A-Glance Online Estate Agent Reviews:

Although the comparison table at the top of the page helps to give you a quick overview of the best online estate agents around, the section below will give you a snapshot view of each one.

#1 – Yopa (Our Rating = 9.6)

Yopa Review - Online Estate Agent
Best Thing = Strong Reputation
Worst Thing = High ‘No Sale, No Fee’ Price

Yopa is perhaps one of the best online estate agents (in terms of recognisability) around after Purplebricks thanks to their innovative TV advertising campaigns. In terms of service, they get plenty of positive reviews and offer a fast and cost-effective way to sell your home.

They also offer both upfront and pay on completion payment options making them suitable for pretty much anyone. As a result, they are currently the top-rated agent in our online estate agent reviews table.

#2 – Strike (Our Rating = 9.4)

Strike Online Estate Agent Review
Best Thing = Free To List
Worst Thing = Will Try To ‘Upgrade’ You To A Paid Package

Strike may appear to be one of the newer online estate agents but that’s not actually true as they’ve been around since 2007. So, why do people assume they’re new? Simple, they used to go by the name ‘Housesimple’.

That changed in July 2020. But, while their name may have changed, the fact they provide their service 100% for FREE has been the same since June 2019.

There are no catches and no reduction of service. You really do get a full estate agency service (including photographs, a floorplan, and listings on Rightmove and Zoopla) without paying a penny.

How do they make money? Well, they do have some optional extras you can pay for. But, these are pretty much the same as you’ll get with any estate agent so it’s not really a downside.

What is the downside, then? Well, they will try and sell you a paid upgrade as part of the process, but you can refuse this, and they aren’t pushy. That’s a pretty minor negative in a sea of positives. Who can say no to selling their property for free?

#3 – Emoov (Our Rating = 9.3)

emoov Review
Best Thing = Pay Part Upfront, Part On Completion
Worst Thing = In-Person Valuations Not Conducted

People thought the Emoov brand had disappeared forever a few years ago. However, one company came in to buy the rights to the name and have now established a successful online estate agency under the same name as its predecessor.

The stand-out news is that Emoov offer what they call a ‘split-fee’ package. That allows you to pay £249 upfront to cover the creation of the listing, then 0.5% of the final sales price on completion.

In essence, that gives you a blend of both the typical high street agent pricing and the online one – all while aiming to save you money while also lowering your risk.

#4 – eSale UK (Our Rating = 9.2)

eSale review
Best Thing = Excellent Value For Money
Worst Thing = £95 Upfront Fee On ‘No Sale, No Fee’ Package

eSale UK may not be a household name which may make you question whether they really are one of the best online estate agents around. However, they appear to have excellent reviews on independent sites such as Trustpilot and Google and also scored favourably when we conducted our own online estate agent reviews.

We like the fact that you can add on plenty of extra services as reasonable prices to make a package that suits your needs. The downside is you will need to read the small print as there are a few conditions attached to some of the packages.

#5 – Doorsteps (Our Rating = 9.2)

Doorsteps Review
Best Thing = Extremely Low Cost
Worst Thing = Very Little Included In Cheapest Option

For a budget estate agent, Doorsteps are actually relatively well-known. That’s partly thanks to the fact their young owner has received a lot of positive media attention for the work he has in been doing.

In terms of service, if you want low-cost, Doorsteps well and truly delivers. The downside is that you won’t get some of the services you may expect as standard unless you pay fees a little closer to the typical online agent prices.

#6 – 99Home (Our Rating = 9.2)

99Home Review
Best Thing = Low Price
Worst Thing = Too Many Choices

99Home are an online agent that appear to be growing in popularity. That’s probably much to do with the low cost option of just £99 to sell your home.  Be aware though, that’s essentially just a listing service to get your home on Rightmove.

If you want the ‘full’ estate agency service you’ll need to spend closer to £500, which is still good value. Just be prepared for the fact there are a lot of packages and options to get your head around so it can be confusing.

#7 – IAmTheAgent (Our Rating = 9.0)

IAmTheAgent review
Best Thing = Range Of Packages
Worst Thing = Limited Support Hours

IAmTheAgent offer packages from just £49 which is almost too good to be true. In fact, it is a little too good to be true as that only gets you listed on their website which means you’re unlikely to find a buyer.

Instead you’ll need their £399 package which is good value and there are also some other options too if that doesn’t suit you. There’s no option to pay on completion though.

#8 – Griffin Residential (Our Rating = 8.9)

Griffin Residential Review
Best Thing = Range Of Add-Ons
Worst Thing = Hosted Viewings Not Available Everywhere

We’re big fans of the website design for Griffin Residential and they also offer some good value for money packages. Plus, there’s an excellent range of cost-effective add-on services to choose from.

The downside is that some add-ons, such as hosted viewings, are only available in selected areas. If you can go without that then the £295 package could be a serious contender.

#9 – Property Solvers (Our Rating = 8.8)

Property Solvers Review
Best Thing = Ability To Sell Properties Quickly
Worst Thing = May Not Get Full Market Value

We found Property Solvers a very intriguing option when conducting our online estate agent reviews. They offer both quick cash sales and more traditional estate agency style sales. In either case, their main proposition is they can sell your property very quickly.

That makes them a great choice for anyone who needs to sell fast and doesn’t mind losing some potential value in doing so.

#10 – (Our Rating = 8.8) Reviews
Best Thing = Good Reviews On Independent Sites
Worst Thing = Prices Fluctuate Wildly is a bit of a strange one. It’s almost like they can’t decide whether to be a budget agent or a premium one and their prices fluctuate wildly as a result.

Their cheapest package looks well-priced but it does only contain the core things you’ll need to sell. The ‘pay on completion’ package is always nice to see, but at £1,999 it’s pretty pricey. An overall good agent though.

#11 – Visum (Our Rating = 8.8)

Visum review
Best Thing = Option To Pay Monthly
Worst Thing = Many Reviews Are For Their Lettings Service

Visum claim to be the very first online estate agent in the world but our review found that that doesn’t necessarly mean they are the best.

Sure, you get the option of paying month by month whcih can make it cheap if you manage to sell quickly (or expensive if you don’t!) and they also offer a good range of extra services so you can really customise your package.

However, despite being one of the first online estate agents, they’re still relatively unknown. Plus, when you look on Trustpilot, most of their reviews are for their lettings service so it’s clear where most of their focus lies.

#12 – Springbok Properties (Our Rating = 8.5)

Springbok Properties Review
Best Thing = Can Sell Very Quickly
Worst Thing = Unlikely To Maximum Value Offers

Springbok Properties is an interesting one as they are a kind of hybrid between a traditional estate agent and a quick house sale company. By ‘realistically pricing’ properties they claim to be one of the fastest ways to sell your property.

However, our online estate agent reviews found that that comes at a price as it means you may not get offers as high as if you used a standard estate agent. On the plus side you’ll only pay when you sell, but on the downside it’s a percentage of the sale price so you’ll be punished for having a higher value home.

#13 – Purplebricks (Our Rating = 8.2)

Purplebricks Review
Best Thing = Recognisable Brand
Worst Thing = Mixed Reviews

The largest of all the online estate agents, Purplebricks have become a very well-known brand in the UK as well as abroad. That’s mostly thanks to an incredibly expensive, high intensity advertising campaign. As a result, many people think they are one of the best online estate agents in the UK.

However, there are some seriously mixed reviews about the service they offer and there’s no option to pay on completion. Additionally, they tie you into using their conveyancing service which adds to your cost.

#14 – easyProperty (Our Rating = 7.8)

easyProperty Review
Best Thing = Good Choice Of Payment Options
Worst Thing = Failing To ‘Take-Off’

You’d think easyProperty would be a household name by now, afterall, they are part of the same group that owns easyJet (hence the similar names and branding). However, it’s an online estate agent that siply hasn’t ‘taken off’ if you’ll excuse the pun.

It’s not due to a lack of effort either. easyProperty have ran expensive advertising campaigns yet still only command a very small share of the online estate agency market. That can only be down to their slightly cluttered and confused approach.

#15 – Express Estate Agency (Our Rating = 7.1)

Express Estate Agency Review
Best Thing = 24/7 Support
Worst Thing = Expensive Commision-Based Pricing

Of all of the online estate agents we’ve featured, Express Estate Agency is the closest to the typical offering you’d expect from a traditional high street agent. that’s mostly down to their pricing which charges a fee based on a percentage of your property value.

Unfortunately, that makes Express Estate Agency quite expensive, in fact, they are even more expensive than some high street estate agents. That means they aren’t an agent we can honest recommend.

What Is An Online Estate Agent?

It’s a pretty fair question to ask. Afterall, just a decade or so ago, the term ‘online estate agent’ was barely know. Now we’re finding so many around we’re having to create lists of the best online estate agents to keep up!

Essentially, an online estate agent offers a very similar service to your typical high street estate agent. the key difference is that they don’t have any physical premises.

Instead, you’ll deal with them mostly via an online portal, emails, and perhaps phone calls too. To be fair, many local agents operate like that for most of your transaction with them anyway.

Does that mean you’ll never meet an online agent in person? Not quite! While some only offer a fully ‘virtual’ service, most do provide local property experts. They’ll be able to give you a free valuation by visiting your property and then will be on call as a kind of account manager and local expert when you need them.

Most online agents now also offer accompanied viewings as an additional service. That means they’ll arrange viewings for you and then also show people around your home on your behalf.

Online Vs High Street Agents

Online estate agents are still relatively new, as the first ones hit the property market in the early 2000’s. Since then, their growth has been unstoppable. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2020, one in every five houses up for sale in the UK will be via online estate agents.

The biggest reason for this growth is the cost savings. By not having high street offices, online agents can offer significantly lower fees. Whereas high street agents tend to charge a percentage of the sale price, online agents usually charge a fixed-fee. With property prices rising almost every year, traditional estate agent fees are going up and up.

However, it’s not just cost savings online agents offer over high street agents. The fact you can manage your property listing, schedule viewings, and talk directly to your buyers via an online platform, is a major advantage for online estate agents. It gives you back control and flexibility and means you don’t have to rely as much on the agents.

Click here to read the review of our top-rated online agent

Disadvantages Of Online Agents

While selling your house through an online estate agent offers many benefits, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

For example, our online estate agent reviews found that while online agents are likely to have much longer opening hours, you’ll rarely get to speak to anyone face to face. This can lead to a high level of frustration if you have a specific problem you are trying to resolve.

There are also some online agents that people claim are scams. In actual fact, this is rarely the case. However, many will charge you a fee regardless of whether your home sells or not (this is how they are able to charge lower fees).

There are also some agents that will insist you use their recommended conveyancer which can push up the costs.

Overall though, for the most part, when you want to sell a property fast, online agents offer a viable and cost-effective alternative to their high street counterparts. You just need to ensure you stick to using the best online estate agents avoid the worst ones.

How To Choose The Best Online Estate Agent

Online Estate Agent Reviews

While our reviews can be used to help guide you towards which are the better, more reputable agents around, ultimately, which is the best online estate agent for you will come down to what you are looking for.

The first big decision to make is whether you are happy to pay upfront to get the cheapest possible price, or whether you would prefer to use one of the best no sale, no fee online estate agents.

This will help you to start narrowing down your selection. Next, be sure to look carefully at what each agent offers for their fee.

Most are quite similar but some of the cheaper options won’t include essentials such as professional photographs and floorplans of your property. This can be the difference between finding a buyer and not.

Don’t forget, you can also use our guide on how to choose an estate agent.

Other Things You Can Do:

There are also a number of other things you can do in order to help you find and choose the best estate agent, such as:

  • Ask for recommendations
  • Check local for sale/sold boards
  • View other properties they are selling
  • Check their opening times
  • Read their terms and conditions

Finally, when you compare online estate agents, think about what extra services you might need. For instance, online agents typically expect you to show potential buyers around your home yourself.

However, many do offer a hosted viewings package as an optional extra. The cost of these do vary and so can easily change what appears to be the cheapest online estate agent into the most expensive one.

So, use our online estate agents reviews to help guide you towards which estate agents may be right for you, but keep in mind your own specific requirements before deciding which one you will sell your home with.

That means you may find our ‘which online estate agent is best?‘ quiz useful for creating a personal recommendation based on what’s most important to you.

Questions To Ask An Estate Agent

Keep in mind that once you have narrowed down your options to a few different estate agents, you’ll want to ask them a few questions to choose which one you go with.

The questions you ask should be designed to find out which is the best one for your particular circumstances.

For that reason, you may wish to ask questions such as:

  • How do your fees work?
  • Have you sold other properties nearby recently?
  • What are your opening hours?
  • How soon can you get my property up for sale?
  • Are we tied in for a minimum amount of time?
  • Can we see a copy of the contract?

Asking such questions ensure you know exactly what you are getting into. It also allows you directly compare different estate agents on something other than price.

You can see more questions to ask in our guide to the best 15 questions to ask an estate agent when selling.

Don’t be afraid to invite more than one estate agent to provide a valuation for your home. After all, you’ll want to be sure the price you put your house on the market for is a reasonable price.

Are Free Online Estate Agents Worth Using?

Free Online Estate Agents

While there aren’t many estate agents that will sell your house for free, there are a few that now offer this, including one of our top picks, Strike.

The question is, are they worth using?

Yes, free online estate agents can be worth using. But it’s always worth checking exactly what you get for free.

When it comes to Strike, they actually offer a full estate agency service without charges. They basically hope you might upgrade or use their recommended solicitors (for which they recieve a commission from the law firm).

They do also give you the option to upgrade to a paid package which will increase the exposure for your property.

However, providing the market is fairly strong and you have a desirable property, in a desirable area, at a fair price, there’s no reason why the free service won’t be enough for you.

We’d recommend reading our full Strike review for all the details around the free offer.

What Is The Best Website To Sell Your House?

One thing to keep in mind when deciding which is the best online estate agent for you, is where they list your property for sale.

In terms of visitor numbers, Rightmove still leads the way as the best website to sell your house.

However, more recently a number of new property portals have entered the market including the most recently launched one, Boomin.

It’s worth keeping in mind though that not all agents list properties on all portals. It’s always worth checking online estate agent reviews and the agents websites to see which portals your property will be listed on and if there are any additional fees to pay.

Try to ensure your chosen online agent will list your property on Rightmove as a minimum.

Voucher Codes:

Although most online estate agents compete with each other on price, they do occasionally also release discount codes, coupon codes, and special deals.

We endeavour to find the best deals available for all of the agents we feature. Therefore, if you’re looking for online estate agent voucher codes, use the list below to find a deal that’s right for you:

Compare The Best Online Estate Agents:

In addition to our main online estate agent reviews and comparison table above, we’ve also performed more detailed head-to-head comparisons of the most popular online estate agents.

These are best used when you’ve read our online estate agent reviews and have found a couple of agents you like the look of and you need a little extra help to decide which one is best for you.

Prefer To Use A High Street Estate Agent?

Although we believe that online estate agents offer the best value for money when it comes to selling your home, we understand some people still prefer high street estate agents.

High street agents do give you the convenience of being able to speak to someone face to face and can often have strong local knowledge.

If you’re happy to pay the higher fees that usually come with that, you can use the comparison service below to find local high street estate agents that are performing the best in your area:

We also have summarised high street estate agent reviews for the following brands:

Which Type Of Estate Agency Will Sell Your House For The Best Price?

This is something of an ongoing debate. Will a high street estate agency sell your house for a better price than an online agent? Can a high street agent get fast offers on your property? Will an online agent struggle to achieve a sale for you?

These are all comments we have heard from people looking to sell their house while being a little wary of what online agents offer.

The truth is that while many online agents have their faults, so do many high street estate agency branches.

Be wary of anyone who provides ‘proof’ that online agents don’t sell as many properties or don’t get as good a price as high street agents.

Most of the time, they’ll only show you the information that backs up their points. These articles are therefore just types of scams designed to get you using a specific agent or service.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is talk to a few different estate agents and read our guide on how to choose the best estate agent. Oh, and if you don’t fancy paying estate agent fees at all, check out our guide on how to sell your home for free.

Our Top-Rated Online Estate Agents:

Estate AgentCheapest Package'No Sale, No Fee'Our RatingReviewOfficial Site
Yopa Estate Agent£999£1,999
Read ReviewVisit Website
Strike ReviewsFREEFREE
Read ReviewVisit Website
emoov0.5% (Plus £249 Upfront)0.5% (Plus £249 Upfront)
Read ReviewVisit Website

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