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SOLD.CO.UK Reviews

Overall Rating:


Value For Money = 9.4

Customer Support = 9.2

Reputation = 9.0


  • Choice of packages from free ‘DIY’ through to full service ‘pay on completion’
  • If you need to sell fast, they can also give you an instant cash offer for your property
  • 75% of properties sell within 30 days


  • The number of selling options can make it difficult to decide which is best for you
  • Fees are not published on their website
  • Expect a lower offer if you use their ‘Free Cash Offer’ service vs if you listed on the open market
SOLD.CO.UK review – This isn’t your typical online estate agent, but they do offer plenty of options for selling your home and will particularly suit those who need to sell fast.

Interested to learn more? Keep reading as we conduct a full SOLD.CO.UK review.

At A Glance:

We’ll be honest. It’s taken us a while to decide where to place our SOLD.CO.UK review. Are they an online estate agent or a quick house sale/cash sale company?

In the end, we settle for placing them as an online estate agency as, following a revamp, this is their main product offering – though they can also give you a cash offer on your home just like a quick sale company.

However, it’s important to note that their headline ‘Fast & Free’ package is still something of a fusion of the two.

If you opt for this, you’ll need to be prepared to set an asking price slightly below the market value. That’s because your home will first be offered to SOLD.CO.UK’s network of cash buyers. Only if no offer is forthcoming will you be listed on the open market.

It’s also worth keeping in mind, with this option if your property sells for more than the asking price, you won’t get more money. Instead, SOLD.CO.UK will receive the difference – this is how they are able to take the risk on paying your legal fees, photographs, etc

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Essentially, the ‘Fast & Free’ package is designed for those who want to sell quickly, even if that means having to accept a slightly lower sales price as a result.

For that reason, many people may prefer to look at the ‘No Sale, No Fee’ package. It will set you back around £2k but that’s comparable with other online estate agents and cheaper than many high street agents.

It’s a package much better suited to those who are happy to take their time to find a buyer in order to maximise their sales price.

Here’s what you can expect from SOLD.CO.UK:

  • A guaranteed ‘quick sale’ providing you can accept lower offers
  • The option to pay on completion if you prefer to maximise your sale price
  • Can handle all viewings, photographs, and portal listings for you
  • Has good ratings from past customers
  • No pressure – everything is agreed in advance without heavy sales tactics
  • Covers the whole of the UK

Like a cash buying company, you’ll still need to accept a potentially lower sale price than you may get listing on the open market for months. However, the reduction probably won’t be quite as severe as if you went with a cash buying firm.

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How Quickly SOLD.CO.UK Buy My Property?

This depends on which package you choose.

If you go for the ‘Free Cash Offer’ you can get money in your bank account within 7 days. Though keep in mind this is a ‘quick sale’ offering designed for those who need to sell fast so you won’t get the full market value for your home.

If you opt for the ‘Fast & Free’ package, you’ll set a realistic asking price slightly below the market value and you’ll be aiming accept an offer within 30 days. This will either be from a cash buyer, or from the open market but is not a guaranteed timeframe.

Alternatively, if you choose the ‘No Sale, No Fee’ option, you’ll be more at the mercy of the current market conditions. If you price your property realistically, you might still get a quick sale, but it could take longer too. The benefit of this package is you are more likely to achieve a higher sales price, even if it takes a little longer.

SOLD.CO.UK review

How Selling With SOLD.CO.UK Works

Since it’s a fairly unique concept, we thought it would be helpful for our SOLD.CO.UK review to outline the actual process. This will hopefully help you visualise how it will work for you:

Step One: The Valuation

Like with a traditional estate agent, you start by requesting a free valuation of your property. This will help to ascertain the market value of your home.

Just be aware, it’s in your interest to also get valuations from other estate agents too. That way you’ll be able to see the difference between selling the SOLD.CO.UK way and the traditional way.

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Step Two: Mutual Agreement 

Naturally, you will want to get the best possible price for your property. SOLD.CO.UK will want to price it at a level most likely to generate maximum interest.

You’ll therefore need to come to a price you can both agree at. If you’re on the ‘Fast & Free’ package this will have to be a little below market value, otherwise on the ‘No Sale, No Fee’ package you have more flexibility to push for a higher price.

Step Three: Advertising

Once everything has been agreed, your property listing will be created and your property will be put on the market.

If you’re selling on the ‘Fast & Free’ package, SOLD.CO.UK will send the details out to their panel of pre-qualified buyers (mostly made up of investors) first. If there’s no offer on day one, they’ll also list it on portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. If you’re on the ‘No Sale, No Fee’ package, you’ll go straight onto the portals on day one.

Step Four: The Sale

Whichever package you’ve chosen, SOLD.CO.UK will provide all the support you need through negotiation and sales progression to get you to your completion date as quickly as possible.

SOLD.CO.UK Reviews From Customers:

Like with any product or service, understanding what past customers have said about them is a great way to judge if they are right for you.

Here are a few SOLD.CO.UK reviews from customers to help you understand how they perform:

Just sold my property through My property was up for less than a day before they found me a buyer who was willing buy a house with tenants in situ. They were professional and kept me up to date with everything along the way. From my experience, I would definitely recommend.

Anthony Mackay via Trustpilot review

I’m grateful to the team at Sold for helping to sell a property I inherited. They arranged the viewings and kept me up to date throughout the process, achieving the asking price. 

Southern Property via Trustpilot review

So, Is SOLD.CO.UK Any Good?

We like SOLD.CO.UK and with a really strong review score on Trustpilot, it appears we are not alone, however, you do have to make sure you understand their model and the differences between the packages.

The ‘Free Cash Offer’ service is perfect for those in a tight squeeze who need to sell super quick, but are prepared to accept a low offer to do so. This package will typically result in the lowest sales price but the fastest turnaround.

People who need to sell quickly, or simply with the least amount of hassle, will probably like the ‘Fast & Free’ service. Yes, you’ll need to accept a slightly lower offer (but not as low as traditional ‘quick sale’ companies) but you can be reasonably confident you’ll sell within 30 days.

This option will best suit landlords, investors, and people who want to move quickly but are prepared to take a small hit in the wallet to do so.

For everyone else, there is the ‘No Sale, No Fee’ package which maximises your sale price and gives you the most control – but it might take a little longer and you’ll pay a fee upon completion.

All three services are good options in the right circumstances, it’s just about working out which one suits you best.

Positives Of SOLD.CO.UK:

Why use SOLD.CO.UK?

We’ve kind of covered this a few times already in this SOLD.CO.UK review but the flexibility of choice is by far one of the biggest positives.

You can choose from a flat-out quick sale, a standard online estate agency service, or something which is a little inbetween.

All options come with positives and negatives depending on your situation. However, what we really like is that SOLD.CO.UK do not tend to use high-pressure tactics.

You’re free to make your own decisions in your own time. Plus, everything (including your sale price) can be agreed in advance so there are no nasty surprises, plus you never pay anything upfront.

There’s even a completely free ‘DIY’ option available if you prefer to create your own property listing and save yourself some cash.

Negatives Of SOLD.CO.UK:

Again, we need to start off this section of our SOLD.CO.UK review by re-emphasising something we’ve already repeated several times…

Unless you opt for the ‘No Sale, No Fee’ package, you almost certainly won’t get as much for your property as you would by selling through a traditional estate agent. This is very much intentional as the company wants to help you sell quickly, but it’s very much something you’ll need to consider.

Potentially, the amount you lose could be several thousands. Perhaps even tens of thousands. You’ll never know for sure. That means you’ll need to carefully weigh up if you are prepared to accept that in return for finding a buyer so much quicker.

Another negative is that we’d like to see SOLD.CO.UK publish more information around their fees for transparency. We were only able to find out more about their pricing structure by talking to representatives from their company. The information simply isn’t clear on their website.

Finally, reading some SOLD.CO.UK reviews did indicate occasional customer service issues or lack of communication. These appear to be relatively few and far between but they are worth keeping in mind.

SOLD.CO.UK Review – Summary:

SOLD.CO.UK review

We know that everyone has different motivations for selling a property. Some need to downsize, some need to upsize, some are forced into selling, others just fancy a change.

In each scenario, the way that you sell and the agent you use can be different. Those who want the highest price for their property tend to use estate agents. Those who just need to sell as quickly as possible tend to use auctions or fast house sale companies.

SOLD.CO.UK is bridging the gap between these options. Giving sensible options for super fast sales, reasonably quick sales, or slightly longer depending on your needs to maximise your asking price.

That means there is an option for pretty much everyone and with some excellent customer reviews, Our SOLD.CO.UK review has found there is a definite place in the market for this agent.

The unique mix of packages available means we have no hesitation in recommending SOLD.CO.UK, providing you understand the pros and cons of each package on offer.

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