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Overall Rating:


Fair Offers = 9.9

Quick Completions = 9.2

Reputation = 9.7


  • The sales price us mutually agreed in advance
  • You won’t need to drop your price by as much as most cash sale companies
  • The average time to achieve a sale is 23 days


  • You probably won’t get an offer as high as if you used a normal estate agent
  • You probably won’t sell as quickly as with a normal fast sale company
  • There are some reports of unexpected fees
SOLD.CO.UK review – A pretty unique concept that’s somewhere between a fast sale company and traditional estate agent. The stand-out promise is that they can help you sell within 30 days.

Can they live up to this promise? More importantly, are they a reasonable option for selling your property fast? Find out this and more as we conduct a full SOLD.CO.UK review.

At A Glance:

We’ll be honest. It’s taken us a while to decide where to place our SOLD.CO.UK review. Are they an online estate agent or a quick house sale/cash sale company? The truth is, they are probably somewhere in-between.

Their entire focus is on selling your property quickly, and they only take a fee if they manage to sell above your target price. That sort of makes them more of a quick house sale company than an online agent. But, wait.

They also don’t actually buy your property themselves. Instead, they have a network of investors, and even advertise your property to end owners too. That makes them a little more like a traditional estate agent.

So, what exactly are they? We’d say they are a hybrid of the two. A little bit quick sale company, and a little bit traditional estate agent.

That makes them pretty unique and an intriguing option if you want to sell quickly but are wary of so-called cash buying companies.

In short, we’d say SOLD.CO.UK are a good option for those that aren’t in an urgent rush to sell within the next few days (a cash buying firm is a better bet in this scenario), but who still want to sell in weeks rather than months.

Like a cash buying company, you’ll still need to accept a potentially lower sale price than you may get listing on the open market for months. However, the reduction probably won’t be quite as severe as if you went with a cash buying firm.

How Quickly SOLD.CO.UK Buy My Property?

Remember, SOLD.CO.UK is not a full-on cash buying firm. They don’t actually buy your home themselves. That means there is always a lead time to find you a buyer, plus it’s not guaranteed one will come forward.

However, the average time it takes is around 23 days. BUT, because they aren’t a cash buying firm, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily complete the sale that quickly.

Our SOLD.CO.UK review has found they have a network of pre-qualified buyers. These are mostly property investors who are looking for fairly priced properties to buy.

On the plus side, that means many of the buyers will be ready to move without complexities such as chains. The downside is that they may still wish to view your property and you may have to accept a lower sales price than you would on the open market.

However, it’s also worth pointing out your property will also be advertised on the open market. Because it will be priced competitively, there’s every chance you’ll get an offer from a non-investor too.

SOLD.CO.UK review

How Selling With SOLD.CO.UK Works

Since it’s a fairly unique concept, we thought it would be helpful for our SOLD.CO.UK review to outline the actual process. This will hopefully help you visualise how it will work for you:

Step One: The Valuation

Like with a traditional estate agent, you start by requesting a free valuation of your property. This will help to ascertain the market value of your home.

Just be aware, it’s in your interest to also get valuations from other estate agents too. That way you’ll be able to see the difference between selling the SOLD.CO.UK way and the traditional way.

Step Two: Mutual Agreement 

Naturally, you will want to get the best possible price for your property. SOLD.CO.UK will want to price it at a level most likely to generate maximum interest.

You’ll therefore need to come to a price you can both agree at. Finding the middle ground between maximum appeal and maximum price. To be fair, customer reviews tend to indicate SOLD.CO.UK approach the negotiation very fairly so you shouldn’t feel pressured in any way.

Step Three: Advertising

Once everything has been agreed, your property listing will be created and your property will be put on the market.

SOLD.CO.UK will send the details out to their panel of pre-qualified buyers (mostly made up of investors). They’ll also list it on portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. That means it will be advertised much like if you use a traditional estate agent.

Step Four: The Sale

Because of the way SOLD.CO.UK price your property so competitively, you can expect interest in your property fairly quickly. In fact, the average person sells their home in just 23 days.

That’s pretty fast, though as we’ve mentioned earlier in our SOLD.CO.UK review, you do need to accept the offer may not be as high as if you had sold the normal way.

SOLD.CO.UK Reviews From Customers:

Like with any product or service, understanding what past customers have said about them is a great way to judge if they are right for you.

Here are a few SOLD.CO.UK reviews from customers to help you understand how they perform:

Very impressed with the overall conduct and professionalism throughout the process. Dealing with Tushar in particular made the process as seamless and stress free as it possibly could be and we are very grateful to have undertaken their services.

Kunal Sonagara via Trustpilot review

The process was made very easy, anything I didn’t understand or needed help with Sold staff were there to help. Selling my house wasn’t the problem, it was buying my house,slow solicitors and estate agent from the sellers side. Sold were brilliant, on the ball and on their case, Excellent Customer Support and I felt I wasn’t alone! Thank you Sold!

Vanessa via Trustpilot review

So, Is SOLD.CO.UK Any Good?

As we mentioned earlier in our SOLD.CO.UK review, whether you think they are any good will depend entirely on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the best possible price for your property and you’re prepared to wait to get it, SOLD.CO.UK are NOT the best choice for you.

Equally, if you are in an extremely urgent position and need to sell your home as quickly as possible (whatever the costs) then SOLD.CO.UK is NOT for you.

However, if you’re looking for something in between these two extremes, SOLD.CO.UK could, in fact, be your ideal agent.

You’ll get to sell quicker than you probably would with a traditional estate agent. But, you won’t have to accept quite as deep a reduction on your sales price as you would from a more typical cash buying company.

Positives Of SOLD.CO.UK:

Why use SOLD.CO.UK?

We know our SOLD.CO.UK review has already mentioned this several times but we are going to have to say it again as it’s by far the biggest positive…

You get to sell your home faster than you might with a traditional estate agent, but without the high reduction in sales price you would need to accept if using a traditional cash buying company.

You also won’t need to pay any up-front fees as you would with an online estate agent.

That all means they won’t be right for everyone, but they will be perfect for some!

What else can we say? Well, you won’t pay any legal fees either as SOLD.CO.UK cover them for you. In fact, you won’t pay any commission either. The company only takes a fee when they sell your property at a price which is higher than your target price. That makes it no risk to you.

Negatives Of SOLD.CO.UK:

Again, we need to start off this section of our SOLD.CO.UK review by re-emphasising something we’ve already repeated several times…

You almost certainly won’t get as much for your property as you would by selling through a traditional estate agent. This is very much intentional as the company wants to help you sell quickly, but it’s very much something you’ll need to consider.

Potentially, the amount you lose could be several thousands. Perhaps even tens of thousands. You’ll never know for sure. That means you’ll need to carefully weigh up if you are prepared to accept that in return for finding a buyer so much quicker.

Another negative is the fees. While the website makes clear you don’t pay any fees unless your property sells for above your target price, some customer reviews are reporting unexpected fees.

To be honest, we aren’t quite sure what these fees are and where they come in. But, if you decide to use SOLD.CO.UK (and there are plenty of reasons why you might), it’s something you should pay very close attention to before committing to a contract.

SOLD.CO.UK Review – Summary:

SOLD.CO.UK review

We know that everyone has different motivations for selling a property. Some need to downsize, some need to upsize, some are forced into selling, others just fancy a change.

In each scenario, the way that you sell and the agent you use can be different. Those who want the highest price for their property tend to use estate agents. Those who just need to sell as quickly as possible tend to use auctions or fast house sale companies.

SOLD.CO.UK is bridging the gap between these options. Giving people who want to sell quickly, but don’t want to drop their asking price too much, a sensible option.

Sure, they won’t be right for everyone. But, with average sale times of around 23 days and some excellent customer reviews, Our SOLD.CO.UK review has found there is a definite place in the market for this agent.

The unique proposition means we have no hesitation in recommending SOLD.CO.UK, providing you understand you’ll likely sell quicker, but at a reduced price.

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