Griffin Property Review

Griffin Property Review

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Griffin Residential Reviews

Overall Rating:


Value For Money = 9.3

Customer Support = 9.2

Reputation = 9.0


  • Sell from just £245 including VAT
  • No contracts, you can cancel any time
  • Well-designed website and plenty of add-on services


  • Completion management costs extra
  • You have to conduct all viewings yourself
  • Rightmove listing costs £50 per month after the first month

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Griffin Property Review – They may focus on giving you control over the sale of your property but who are they and are they worth considering when selling your home? Let’s find out…

At A Glance:

Griffin Property Co. are an interesting proposition. They have a really nice looking website and a good range of services to choose from. In particular, their prices catch the eye with the base package costing just £245.

Here’s how they perform in the most important areas:
  • Prices start from just £245 Inc VAT
  • Ability to add-on extra services and build a custom package
  • Offer most of the same services you’d expect from a high street agent
  • Good ratings on independent review sites such as TrustPilot and Google
  • Properties listed on all the major portals

So far so good for this Griffin Property review then. The low prices will certainly appeal to many people and the range of packages means you only need to pay for what you actually need.

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How Much Does Griffin Property Co. Cost?

We’ve already mentioned the low-cost pricing but now we’re going to look at costs and packages in a little more detail. The first thing to point out is that despite the low prices, Griffin Property Co. offer similar services to a high street estate agent, but there are a few differences.

For instance, you’ll be expected to upload details and photographs of your property yourself. The Griffin Property website makes it easy to do this. If you’d rather get some extra help on this, you can pay an extra £200 for the ‘Premium Upgrade’ which comes with professional photography, property particulars, floor plan, and virtual tour.

In addition, you have to host viewings yourself. You can’t even pay extra for someone else to do them.

Plus, you’ll be paying extra if you want a ‘For Sale’ board (+£100) AND the base package only gives you a listing for 1 month on Rightmove. After this time, you’ll need to fork out £50 a month to keep your listing live.

That said, the base package does come with the following (as standard):

  • Listings on Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and more
  • Full support from team of property advisors
  • Online reporting and messaging service
  • Memorandum of sale creation

It’s clear then that this is more of a ‘DIY’ estate agent when looking at the base package. Yes, you get a cheap price, but you will have to do some things (like your property description and hosting viewings yourself).

That said, by adding on things like the ‘Premium Upgrade’ and ‘For Sale’ board you can get closer to the service that a traditional high street estate agent offers, albeit at an increased fee that’s payable upfront.

As of September 2023, Griffin have also introduced a ‘Pay on Completion’ package priced at £595. However, very little is mentioned on the website about it and you have to contact them to enquire about it.

What we do know is that the £595 is the minimum you’ll pay as it depends on what you need. You’ll also pay more if you don’t want to use their recommended conveyancer which is far from ideal. For this reason, we much prefer the pay upfront offering over the ‘pay on completion’ option.

Griffin Residential Review

Griffin Property Co. Add-Ons:

While conducting our Griffin Property review we looked into which extra services they offer and how much they cost. This is what we found available:

  • Premium Upgrade (Photos, Particulars, Floor Plan + Virtual Tour) (£200)
  • Premium Zoopla Upgrade (£60)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (£75)
  • ‘For Sale’ Board (£100)
  • Completion Management (£200)

Note that none of the above options are available in a pre-configured package so if you need any of them, there will be an extra fee on top of the base price of £245.

We usually like to see an online agent offer a hosted viewings service. While we believe you as the vendor are always the best person to show people around your home, you can’t always guarantee you’ll be available.

Unfortunately, Griffin Property do not offer hosted viewings as an add-on so you have to be prepared to conduct all viewings yourself.

Also, before you add on the EPC make sure you check the EPC Register. The certificates are valid for 10 years so you may not need a new one if the property has been issued one in the last decade.

Griffin Property Co. Reviews From Customers:

Very, very good service. Griffin went above and beyond. Cannot praise highly enough.

Shelley via Trustpilot review

Great price, great people, always helpful, flexible and easy to deal with, I have sold one property via them within a mth and have a 2nd on with them

Kate Turner via Trustpilot review

So, Is Griffin Property Co. Any Good?

When you can pay as little as £245 to sell your home, you can be forgiven for assuming that you won’t get much for your money. However, our Griffin Property review has found that actually, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Sure, if you opt for the base package without any add-ons you’ll be paying £245 and doing some of the work yourself (such as uploading photographs).

However, if you want the whole shebang, adding on the ‘Premium Upgrade’ (£200), ‘Completion Management’ (£100), and ‘For Sale’ board (£100) you’ll be much closer to a more ‘traditional’ estate agency service, but it will cost you a total of £645.

This is still much cheaper than most high street agents but you will have to pay the fee upfront rather on completion which comes with a level of risk if you do not sell. Plus, you’ll have to factor in the extra £50 per month you’ll pay to keep your listing on Rightmove after the first month.

However, unusually for a more budget online agent, the Griffin Property website is actually very nice and modern. That gives you confidence that they’ll be able to follow through on their promises and provide the service you hope for.

Negatives Of Griffin Property Co.

So far, our Griffin Property review hasn’t found any major problems that you should be overly concerned about. However, as with any agent, there are still a few negatives to watch out for.

For instance, we referred to the fact that they do not offer a hosted viewings service, even as an add-on. If you wanted this service, that will obviously be a fairly large problem for you.

Additionally, while their reviews on sites like Google and TrustPilot are, on the whole, good, they aren’t quite as high as some of the other online estate agents out there.

That said, it should also be pointed out that several of the negative reviews appear to refer to the lettings side of the business rather than sales. Still, it does give us a few concerns.

Plus, don’t forget that the cheapest £245 package is virtually just a listing service. It’ll get you on Rightmove and provide a platform to accept and manage viewings and offers, but you’ll need to do most of the work yourself (or pay for upgrades). that includes things like your property listing, photographs, and floor plan.

A significant potential negative is the fact you have to pay an extra £50 per month after the first month to keep your listing on Rightmove. Not so much of a problem if you achieve a quick sale, but, if your property takes a while to sell, this can add up quickly. Given Rightmove is still the most popular portal, it would be a risk to not pay this fee if you haven’t sold after the first month.

Also you need to watch out for the fact you don’t get a ‘For Sale’ board included in any package. Instead, you’ll need to spend an extra £100 for one.

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Griffin Property Review – Summary:

So, we are now at the end of our Griffin Property review and, you’ll probably agree, there is plenty to like about this cost-effective online estate agent.

The £245 package is pretty much a ‘DIY’ package that just gets you on the portals, but by adding on a few paid extras, you can get much closer to what you would get from a normal estate agent, albeit at a fraction of the cost.

The range of add-ons is good and helps you ensure you only pay for what you need. That said, the lack of a hosted viewings service may put some people off as might the extra £50 a month for a Rightmove listing after the first month.

The available customer reviews paint a pretty good picture about the company and what they offer, though clearly there are some question marks over their lettings service.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to sell your property and want a low cost option, Griffin Property Co. is certainly a worthy contender for your attention.

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