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Property Road is one of the UK’s leading independent property websites for consumers, focused on educating buyers, sellers, investors, and homeowners on all things property related.

One of our key missions is to help everyday consumers understand the truth about estate agents and their online counterparts. We do not have any products to sell or any hidden agenda which means we can keep our information factual, honest, and informative.

That’s why you’ll find our range of online estate agent reviews are as truthful as they come.

How We Started

Founded in 2017, Property Road is operated by Paul James, a marketing expert with a passion for property. As well as being a property investor, Paul has also worked within the marketing departments of some of the UK’s leading estate agents.

The idea for Property Road came from when Paul put his own property on the market and found a distinct lack of reliable information available online, with most sites having a vested interest in promoting their own products or services.

Added to that was the realisation that the way people buy and sell properties is changing forever and that most estate agents are struggling to adapt to this change. Paul created Property Road to ensure consumers are better educated as the property industry moves into the modern era.

A Team Of Passionate Property Experts

Property Road Team

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, Paul James is supported by several other contributors that include former estate agents, property investors, and other property professionals.

Each of the contributors to Property Road is focused on protecting the interests of consumers. That means the articles, reviews, and advice you read on the site will always be true to our aim to educate you without any hidden agendas.

You can read more about the team behind Property Road, here.

How Do We Make Money?

Like any website, we need to make money to cover our web hosting, domain name registration, design, and software costs, not to mention the many hours we spend researching and writing informative articles.

We didn’t want the site to become littered with too many adverts and so, we keep ads to a minimum. However, on some articles we may make money when you click on our links and buy a product or service from a third party company.

It doesn’t affect the price you pay or the service you receive and it certainly doesn’t affect our honest recommendation of a product (less than 10% of the links to external websites are these kind of links).

In most cases, we only earn a small commission through our affiliate links, just enough to allow us to continue operating and improving the Property Road website.

Where To Go Next:

Now you know a little more about us, why we exist, and what our aims are as an independent consumer-focused property website, here’s what to do next…

Firstly, if you want to know a little more about what drove us to start recommending online estate agents instead of traditional high street agents, check out this video that helps explain everything.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more general advice about selling a property, click here.

Or, if you are on the hunt for a new property and are looking for advice tailored to buyers, click here.

If you’re looking to make money as a property investor, click here.

Not ready to move home or invest in property just yet? Click here to read our articles on home improvement.


  • Paul James

    Paul James, is a marketing expert with a passion for property. As well as being a property investor, Paul has also worked within the marketing departments of some of the UK’s leading estate agents. Paul is the founder of Property Road.

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