Housesimple Vs House Network – Compare Online Estate Agents

HouseSimple Vs House Network
Two similar-sounding brands, but who comes out on top when you compare Housesimple Vs House Network?

Compare these two online estate agents below to find out which gives the best overall service:

Housesimple Online Estate AgentHouse Network Estate Agent
Our Rating94 Rated Online Estate AgentRead ReviewRead Review
Lowest PriceFree£875
No Sale, No FeeFreeFrom
Best ThingYou don’t pay
a penny!
20 point
customer promise
Worst ThingNot available in
most of the country
Amount you pay depends
on where you live
Hidden FeesNoneNone
Customer SupportPhone or email 7 days a weekPhone, email and
live chat 6 days a week
For Sale BoardIncludedIncluded
Hosted Viewings£315 for unlimited viewings£375 for upto
20 viewings
Voucher CodeNoneSave additional 5%:
Free Valuation

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Housesimple Vs House Network – Who Wins?

(As House Network is now defunct, the review below is left for historical purposes)

When comparing Housesimple Vs House Network you soon realise that, while they may sound similar, there are several key differences between these online estate agents.

Firstly, Housesimple only offer no sale, no fee pricing whereas House Network offer a cheaper upfront price.

If you prefer to only pay upon the sale of your home, House Network do offer that option but most people will end up paying more than the £995 at Housesimple.

Housesimple don’t offer support via live chat but do offer phone and email support 7 days a week. House Network only open 6 days a week.

The other major point to make is that if you didn’t want to do viewings yourself, HouseSimple is the better choice. That’s because House Network charge £375 for up to 20 hosted viewings, whereas Housesimple only charge £315 for unlimited hosted viewings.

Our Recommendation:

They may be easy to confuse due to their similar names but when it comes to which one to sell your home with, the choice is pretty clear.

Choose Housesimple if you prefer to pay on completion or want to add-on hosted-viewings.

Choose House Network if you want the cheapest possible price even if you have to pay upfront. Just don’t forget to use the discount code ‘LEIRJGYKLK’ to save an additional 5%.

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