House Network Vs Tepilo – Online Estate Agent Comparison

House Network Vs Tepilo
Who comes out on top when you pitch House Network Vs Tepilo in this battle of the online estate agents?

Find out as we compare the two to help you decide which one is the best option to sell your home.

House Network Vs Tepilo – Who Wins?

There’s not a great deal to choose between them when you compare House Network Vs Tepilo head-to-head on their key features.

Tepilo appears to be the cheaper option but we have to point out that their cheap package doesn’t come with photography or a floorplan.

That means that when you compare the two agents based on their most similar packages, it’s actually House Network that come out on top, especially as you can save an extra 5% using discount code ‘LEIRJGYKLK‘.

There’s also the fact that with Tepilo, if you choose their ‘buy now, pay later’ payment option, you’ll have to use their conveyancing team or a pay an additional £360.

The places where Tepilo do outperform House Network are in their customer support which is available 7 days a week versus House Network’s 6 days and the fact you can get unlimited hosted viewings for less than House Network charge for up to 20.

Our Recommendation:

As we say, there isn’t a huge amount to choose between them and that’s why we gave both fairly similar ratings on our full reviews.

However, if you want a standard package that includes photography and a floorplan and prefer not having hidden fees, House Network will be the right choice for you (don’t forget discount code ‘LEIRJGYKLK‘).

If you’d rather just take photos yourself and save a few quid, you want to add on unlimited hosted viewings, or you just prefer the fact their support is open for longer, go with Tepilo.

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