Emoov Vs Housesimple – Compare Online Estate Agents

eMoov Vs Housesimple
Which of these online estate agents can sell your home the quickest for the best possible price? Let’s compare Emoov vs Housesimple and find out!

Here’s how both agents perform in the key areas.

Emoov vs Housesimple – Who Wins?

When you compare Emoov vs Housesimple, there is one stand-out difference between them. Whereas Emoov offer a ‘split fee’ package (part upfront, the rest on completion), Housesimple only offer a free service.

This is a relatively new thing since as recently as early 2018, Housesimple did in fact also offer a pay upfront package.

That means they are significantly cheaper that Emoov and other online agents as they don’t charge a penny. That is, unless you want any of their premium add-ons.

What you get from both estate agents is a really solid service, backed by good customer support and all the features you need to sell your property quickly, for the best possible price.

Our Recommendation:

If looking at our comparison table of Emoov vs Housesimple hasn’t yet helped you decide between these two award-winning online estate agents, consider this.

It really then comes down to whether you’re prepared to pay a fee to sell your property.

If you are, the options provided by Emoov are certainly appealing, especially if Housesimple don’t operate where you live.

However, if your main purpose is to sell as cheap as possible, Housesimple provide a great service for free – if you’re lucky enough to live in an area they operate in.

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