Best Alternatives To Purplebricks

Best Alternatives To Purplebricks
What are the best alternatives to Purplebricks? It’s a question more and more people seem to be asking as some of the negative press that the leading online agent has received begins to put people off.

Indeed, Purplebricks are no stranger to controversy after getting in trouble with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for misleading advertising.

They’ve also started a very public legal battle with review site AllAgents over the integrity of their reviews and featured on the BBC’s Watchdog program where they were accused of various misdemeanours against customers.

While there are still some advantages of using the countries leading online agent, there are also now several viable alternatives to Purplebricks.

Top 3 Alternatives To Purplebricks

Estate AgentCheapest Package'No Sale, No Fee'Our RatingReviewOfficial Site
Yopa Estate Agent£999£1,999
Read ReviewVisit Website
Strike ReviewsFREEFREE
Read ReviewVisit Website
emoov0.5% (Plus £249 Upfront)0.5% (Plus £249 Upfront)
Read ReviewVisit Website

In fact, when we conducted our online estate agents comparison, we found that there were several online agents that, in our opinion, offer a better service overall.

Our Top-Rated Purplebricks Alternatives

#1 – Yopa

Yopa Review - Online Estate Agent

Our Rating = 9.6/10
Cheapest Package = £999
Typical Savings Over Purplebricks = None
Website =

Yopa have been pretty active advertising on TV recently so you’ve probably seen them around. Their adverts are often entertaining and adopt a ‘humour-led’ approach to get their message across, much like the Purplebricks TV adverts.

Having received significant investment from an impressive range of investors and funds, Yopa are no lightweights in the industry. In fact, we expect that they could become almost as well known as Purplebricks if their marketing budget continues to find large-scale advertising campaigns.

In terms of the services they offer, their sales packages are comparable to Purplebricks. You get the local expert, you get the ‘For Sale’ board, and you get the listings on Rightmove, Zoopla, and the like. They also do it for a fixed-fee of £999 which is the same as Purplebricks.

That’s not a massive saving but there aren’t the level of horror stories around like you get for Purplebricks so they seem like a safer option. There is also now a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ option priced at £1,999 for most areas which, again, is an advantage over Purplebricks who offer no such option.

Click here to read our full Yopa review

#2 – Strike

Strike Online Estate Agent Review

Our Rating = 9.4/10
Cheapest Package = Free
Typical Savings Over Purplebricks = £999
Website =

Strike (formerly Housesimple) may not have the funky branding or the quirky adverts of our other alternatives to Purplebricks, but, what they lack in style, they make up for in the fact they offer their services completely for free.

That means you save the entire cost of Purplebricks if you choose to sell with Strike instead. How can they do this? Easy, they make their money from referrals and extra add-on services just like all other estate agents do.

As you may already be aware, Purplebricks does also have hidden extras to be aware of. If you don’t use their conveyancing it will cost you an extra £360, bringing their overall cost up to £1209. That gives you an even bigger reason to use Strike instead if possible.

Click here to read our full Strike review

#3 – Emoov

emoov Review

Our Rating = 9.3/10
Cheapest Package = £249 upfront + 0.5% on completion
Typical Savings Over Purplebricks = £50
Website =

Emoov have actually been around many years but the current owners only acquired the rights to the brand in 2019. Their interesting proposition is that they offer a ‘split-fee’ option.

With the ‘split-fee’ you pay much less upfront (just £249) which is some £750 less than Purplebricks.

However, you will then also have to pay 0.5% of your property sale price on completion. As an example, this would equate to another £1000 on a property that sells for £200,000.

That means the split-fee will only be cheaper than Purplebricks if your property sells for less than £150,000. But, the big advantage is your risk is much lower as your initial upfront fee is much less. The bigger payments only come if your property actually sells.

Whether this is right for you depends on your attitude to risk. It also depends on the value of your property. Lower value homes may be better off with the split-fee option, higher value homes may find the upfront fee more appealing.

Whichever you choose, Emoov offer a good level of service and all the usual services included. The only things they do not offer are hosted viewings and in-person valuations (you’ll get an online valuation instead).

Click here to read our full Emoov review

#4 – eSale UK

eSale review

Our Rating = 9.2/10
Cheapest Package = £595
Typical Savings Over Purplebricks = £404
Website =

eSale UK are a really interesting alternative to Purplebricks as they offer a very similar package for more than £300 less . That includes all your viewings management and sales progression too.

But, it gets better than that as, unlike Purplebricks, the up-front fee package offered by eSale UK comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means if you change your mind for any reason in the first 30 days, you can get your money back.

That essentially removes a lot of the risk that you usually take on when paying up-front and it gives the agent more of a reason to work hard in getting you some early interest in your property.

Also, whereas the fixed up-front fee is the only option Purplebricks offer, eSale UK do also provide a ‘no sale, no fee’ option too. Priced at just under £200 more than Purplebricks up-front fee, it certainly makes you question the value in paying what Purplebricks ask for.

Click here to read our full eSale UK review

#5 – Doorsteps

Doorsteps Review

Our Rating = 9.2/10
Cheapest Package = £99
Typical Savings Over Purplebricks = £900
Website =

Doorsteps are one of the best-known online estate agents at the cheaper end of the market. For less than £100 you can get your property listed on the likes of Rightmove, Zoopla, and Primelocation. You’ll also get an account manager and a sales progression service included.

This gives you a whopping saving of £800 over Purplebricks but be aware that the £99 package from Doorsteps is more of a DIY package as you don’t get photographs or even a property description included – you’ll have to do those yourself.

That means a fairer comparison may be Doorsteps Pro package which does give you all of this for just £199, still saving you £700 over the cost of Purplebricks.

Like Purplebricks, there’s no option to pay only if your property sells so you’ll have to be prepared to take the risk that you’ll be paying the fee even if your property doesn’t sell.

There is also an option to include featured Rightmove and Zoopla listings and get a for sale board but this costs £599 (still saving £300 over Purplebricks). All prices include VAT.

Click here to read our full Doorsteps review

#6 – Reviews

Our Rating = 8.8/10
Cheapest Package = £575
Typical Savings Over Purplebricks = £424
Website = is a really interesting proposition. Although they lack the brand recognition of some of the other top-rated online estate agents, they make up for that with their excellent customer reviews.

Whereas Purplebricks has a real mix of extremely positive and extremely negative reviews, reviews are excellent everywhere you look.

In terms of upfront price, Purplebricks are definitely the cheaper option, although it’s nice that offer a full guarantee for a slightly higher price.

Another feather in the cap of is that they also offer a no sale, no fee package priced at £1,999. This is something Purplebricks do not offer at any price.

So then, there are plenty of reasons why you might choose over Purplebricks. Perhaps the only thing that may put you off is the lack of a well-known brand, but that should be a relatively small point amongst a wealth of advantages.

Click here to read our full review

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Other Alternatives To Purplebricks

We have detailed our three top-rated alternatives to Purplebricks above. We strongly believe that at the time of writing, these are the best online estate agents available. However, if you would like to see more Purplebricks alternatives, there are several other online agents worth considering.

We have conducted a thorough online estate agent comparison that ranks all of the major online agents in one easy to digest table. Use this to find your ideal agent at your ideal price.

If you are still considering high street estate agents as an alternative to Purplebricks, make sure you watch this video which shows everything that’s wrong with high street estate agents.

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