How To Present Your Property For Sale

How to present your property for sale
“Selling a house” is just a phrase… but if you can see behind the words…you will get the whole picture!

The way you present your property for sale can lead either to faster sales and higher offers or to long period of waiting, countless unsuccessful viewings and lower price deals; this article is all about giving you the right tips and all the steps you need to take in order to have the optimum presentation of your house for a quick and successful sale.

The first impression is all that matters

Make your property stand out in the listings by taking high-quality photos of all the interior and exterior areas; bright, high analysis photos that present your house from all the best angles. If you are not talented or not sure about the results, don’t risk it…

Hire a professional. Your pocket will appreciate it, after your house is sold.

Try to put yourself in the place of the potential buyers and think what kind of listings would draw your attention:

Could these be the ones in dark or blur photos, showing untidy rooms with clothes lying here and there and neglected gardens or maybe the ones with fine artistic photos showing every angle of your property, tidy and clean rooms beautifully decorated – but not overloaded – and good maintained exterior areas?

Of course before you get to that point of taking photos, there are some things on the “to do list” you need to focus on, in order to have your property perfectly presented in the listings but also after that, during the viewings.

Just remember: Perfect Presentation is priceless!

Clean and Tidy up

Clean and tidy up room

Clean the house outside and inside and make sure you keep it clean during the whole time you advertise it and have viewings. A clean, tidy and odor-free house can get you closer to your target;

Kitchen, bathrooms, floorings, fireplaces, storage rooms, garage, windows, lights… every item and every little corner of your property must sparkle; it will please the buyers and make them feel good and comfortable enough to concentrate on the areas without being destructed by bad smells or the dust on the coffee table or the forgotten sock between the bed and the bedside table; this would really be a disaster and you don’t want this.

Your garden and front yard should also be thoroughly cleaned and nicely decorated, as this is the extension of the main house and it is an attractive point to many buyers.

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De-clutter and De-personalize 

The more spacious the areas are, the more attractive they become to the eye. A cluttered home is one of the main issues that can turn-off potential house buyers.

No one wants to struggle to go from one room to another, being extra cautious not to hurt themselves on some furniture corner or not to drop any of the dozens of ornaments placed… everywhere.

So, get rid of any excess furniture and put them into storage or give them away. Also, remove any photos and personal items such as postcards, souvenirs, toys etc.

It is perfectly understandable that it is hard to let go, but since you are selling your house, it is better to make it look as if it is waiting for its new owners to settle in.

Paint and Refresh

It comes without saying that painting your house will make it look really clean, fresh and alive. Avoid though dark or bright colors on walls or furniture and go with neutral ones so that the buyers can picture themselves decorating their new home.

For them, the house is the canvas and they are the painters… the artists. Let them envision creating their masterpiece.

Fresh flowers for house viewings

Don’t forget to put fresh flowers in the vases. Apart from the nice looks, fresh flowers have positive effect on moods; and always keep your house bright. Keep curtains open during daytime or have as much lighting as possible during evening time.

Front door

Pay extra attention to the front door and yard of your property as this is the second “first impression” after the photos. Clean and, if necessarily paint the front door, tidy up the yard by planting flowers and putting ornaments and place a new door mat to welcome the viewers.


Repairs can make or break your sale, so fix any damages on floors, doors, stairs, tiles, windows, bulbs etc and replace all broken parts. Cracking stairs and broken windows won’t excite the potential buyers.


If you are a pet owner, try to keep your animals outside the house during the viewing, as they might have negative effect on a not so pet-friendly viewer, or an allergic one or even destruct the attention of animal lovers as they will pay more attention to your dog or cat than your house.

And finally, the “how to present your house” to-do list has been completed, your property has been listed for sale and you already have viewings arranged.

Now what?

Especially when you will have to conduct the viewing yourself, in the unluckily event that the agent won’t make it due to his busy schedule, and you may feel helpless.

Now comes the part of the live presentation and interaction with the prospective buyers. It is that awkward moment when you realize that you will be having strangers visiting your house and it makes you feel – to say the least – uncomfortable.

But, if you have done everything right, then you already know how to prepare your house for a viewing and get it ready to welcome the potential buyers; so there is nothing to worry about. It‘s all about presenting your property for a successful sale! And it is not as difficult as you may think.

After all, you are the person who knows the house better than anyone; just put a warm smile on your face, welcome the viewers and make them feel like home by offering them a cup of tea and those delicious home baked cookies you just took out of the oven.

This will break the ice and it will help you start a small talk with them just to see their requirements. There is no need to bombard them with questions; make it seem more like a casual conversation before starting to show them the house.

How to conduct a house viewing

Hosting property viewings

A good idea would be to start the tour from the best part of your property, either this is the kitchen, the bedroom, or the garden. Always try to highlight the positives of the house and see if you can counter the negatives.

Answer to all of the buyers’ questions and at the end of the tour give them some time alone to wander in the property. They need to be on their own for a few moments to see themselves living in the house, to think of the changes they would do, the furniture they would buy, the flowers they would like to have in the garden etc.

As soon as they are ready to go don’t forget to ask them if they have any further questions and let them know they can feel free to conduct you if they have any queries, as well as if they need to arrange a second viewing.

And last but not least: if the buyers express their admiration for any of your furniture or your beloved items, you might consider throwing it with the sale, as this may bring you a higher offer.

You should also consider repairing something you may have missed and it is used by the prospective buyers as an excuse to negotiate a lower sale price. 

Protecting the value of your home

It is the combination of a well presented property and a friendly welcoming manner that can unlock the potential of your house and put you in the right position to negotiate the highest possible price.

This is, after all, the main thing all sellers have in mind “How can I get the most money for my house?” and it is absolutely logical to always want to get the maximum value for what you are selling.

But, you have to be sure about your financial demands; therefore you have to be sure you have set the right price for your property. In order for you to ensure this, you have to research the market to see the range of the prices in your area for properties similar to yours.

It is better that you get valuations from at least three estate agents. And if you want to double check you can always use our tool to compare chartered surveyors in your area. This way you will know what is the right price to set for your house and if the offers you will have are fair or not.

So there you are… you have the tips and some good advice on how to present your property for sale and prepare your house for a viewing, as well as negotiating; Need more? read our article with our 101 ways that will help you sell your house faster. With all this information you just can’t go wrong.

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