Yopa Vs Housesimple – Compare Online Estate Agents

Yopa Vs HouseSimple
Yopa Vs Housesimple – Which of these two online estate agents will give you the best service at the cheapest price?

Find out as we compare the two on everything that’s important when selling your home:

Yopa Estate Agent
Housesimple Online Estate Agent
Our Rating 96 Rated Online Estate AgentRead Review 95 Rated Online Estate AgentRead Review
Lowest Price £889 £995
No Sale, No Fee £1,999 £995
Best Thing Good reputation on
independent review sites
Cheap no sale,
no fee pricing
Worst Thing Higher fees for
London properties
No cheaper
up-front package
Hidden Fees None None
Customer Support Phone or email 7 days a week Phone or email 7 days a week
For Sale Board Included Included
Hosted Viewings £300 for unlimited viewings £35 per viewing or
£295 for unlimited
Voucher Code None HOUSE50 (£50 Off)
Free Valuation

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Yopa vs HouseSimple – Who Wins?

As you can see, there’s not much to separate them when you compare Yopa Vs Housesimple.

Both offer a similar level of service and both scored a similarly high score in our review. That’s good news as it means, whichever you choose, you can’t really go wrong.

However, there are some differences between the two that may affect your decision.

For instance, Yopa offer the overall cheaper price but you have to pay the full amount upfront.

Housesimple, on the other hand, offer the cheaper no sale, no fee price.

Plus, the way how they do hosted viewings is different too, with Housesimple offering the option to just buy the viewings you need.

Our Recommendation:

Don’t spend too much time comparing Yopa Vs Housesimple as both offer a great service at a fair price.

Yopa focus more on offering a low-cost up-front fee service whereas Housesimple are one of the few online agents dully dedicated to payment on completion.

Yopa are perhaps the slightly bigger brand but Housesimple aren’t exactly unknown. Both brands regularly advertise on TV and have a growing reputation in the industry.

We’d simply say that if you want the cheapest possible price and don’t mind paying upfront, choose Yopa.

But, if you don’t mind paying slightly more for the benefit of paying only on completion, go for Housesimple.

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