Yopa Vs Strike – Compare Online Estate Agents

Yopa Gets New Investment
When you compare Yopa Vs Strike, is there a clear winner? We’re about to find out as we put the two estate agents together, head to head.

Here’s what we’ve found out:

Yopa Estate Agent
Strike Reviews
Our Rating96 Rated Online Estate AgentRead Review94 Rated Online Estate AgentRead Review
Lowest Price£999Free
No Sale, No Fee£1,999Free
Best ThingGood reputation on
independent review sites
You don’t pay a penny!
Worst ThingHigher fees for
London properties
In-person valuations only
in certain locations
Hidden FeesNoneNone
Customer SupportPhone or email 7 days a weekPhone or email 7 days a week
For Sale BoardIncludedIncluded
Hosted Viewings£300 for unlimited viewings£549 for unlimited viewings
Voucher CodeNoneNone
Free Valuation

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Yopa vs Strike – Who Wins?

Both Yopa and Strike actually offer quite similar levels of service. The main difference is the price.

Whereas Yopa charge upwards of £999, Strike offer their service 100% free. Yes you read that right. They make their money from the upgrades and referrals rather than the standard fee.

This is a pretty unusual way of working and, at the time of writing, they are the only online estate agent we know of offering this.

So why does Yopa score slightly higher? Ultimately this simply comes down to reputation. As a brand, Strike are relatively new. They offer a lot of promise but won’t become our number one rated online agent until they’ve proven their model further.

Yopa, on the other hand, have a stellar reputation which makes their fee good value for money despite the obvious difference.

Our Recommendation:

When you compare Yopa Vs Strike you realise they have very similar offerings other than the price. That means you should go with the one you are most comfortable using.

That’s because, whichever you pick, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

There is one small thing to keep in mind. That’s if you want hosted viewings, both charge extra but Yopa is around £249 cheaper. That won’t make them cheaper overall but is still worth keeping in mind.

If you don’t mind paying a fee and would also like hosted viewings, choose Yopa.

But, if you want to avoid paying any fees whatsoever (other than package upgrades), choose Strike.

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