Yopa Vs House Network – Compare Online Agents

Yopa Vs House Network
When comparing Yopa Vs House Network, which online estate agent will be best for you?

Find out as put them up against each other to see who comes out on top:

Yopa Estate Agent
House Network Estate Agent
Our Rating 96 Rated Online Estate AgentRead Review Read Review
Lowest Price £889 £875
No Sale, No Fee £1,999 From
Best Thing Good reputation on
independent review sites
20 point
customer promise
Worst Thing Higher fees for
London properties
Amount you pay depends
on where you live
Hidden Fees None None
Customer Support Phone or email 7 days a week Phone, email and
live chat 6 days a week
For Sale Board Included Included
Hosted Viewings £300 for unlimited viewings £375 for upto
20 viewings
Voucher Code None Save additional 5%:
Free Valuation

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Yopa vs House Network – Who Wins?

The Yopa Vs House Network comparison table above shows that there isn’t a huge amount to split these two agents.

Both score highly in our assessment although Yopa just edged it. That’s mostly down to the fact that House Network change their no sale, no fee prices depending on where you live in the country.

Not only does that seem slightly unfair, it also makes it hard to see if they will be cheaper for the majority of people.

The other stand out differences are that Yopa have support 7 days a week versus House Networks 6 days, plus the hosted viewings add-on at House Network is both expensive and limited to 20 viewings.

Our Recommendation:

Our Yopa Vs House Network comparison suggests that, for most people, Yopa will be the better choice.

However, House Network is still a good agent and only lost out on a few minor points so it’s still worth considering.

Basically, if you plan on taking hosted viewings and want a clear fixed fee, go with Yopa.

If you don’t want hosted viewings and you’ve checked the price in your area and have found it to be cheaper, go with House Network – use code LEIRJGYKLK to save an additional 5%.


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