Best Ways To Add Large Value To Your Property For Little Spend

Add value to property for little spend
Your home is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy and it’s a huge investment.

When it comes to selling your house, there are a few things, big and small, that you can do to drastically improve the price you can sell your property for. You need to make your home look fresh and appealing, as well as maximising what you already have.

So, depending on your budget, have a look at some of the tips below to make some changes to your property before putting it on the market.

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Loft Conversion

If you have the budget, turning your loft into another room is a brilliant way to add value to your home without having to extend. Although loft conversions can be pricey, you will certainly gain the money back through selling the property for more.

A room that is previously rarely used can become a functional and beautiful space.

Taking your house from a 3 to a 4, or a 4 to a 5 bedroom dramatically increases its value. Adding a skylight here will make use of the new spacious area and make it even more appealing.

Deep Clean

Deep clean property before selling

This is definitely a cheaper option but can make such a difference. Making the house spotless from top to bottom will make potential buyers so much more interested.

If they walk into a house covered in dust, with dirty bathrooms and a dirt-filled kitchen, buyers will certainly be put off as they will think that the previous owner didn’t care for the house.

Making small changes such as changing shower curtains, scrubbing tiles or jet washing the patio all give a great impression to potential buyers.

Solve Any Problems

Before selling your house, fix any issues that could possibly be used as leverage by people to reduce their offers.

If you have any issues such as damp, structural cracks, bowing walls, insect infestations or anything similar, they can dramatically decrease the value, so it is essential that these problems are sorted to maximise the value of your property.

Remove Your Stamp

We all love making our house a home by putting personal touches all around it. However, if the style of a home is too brash, it could put off potential buyers who can’t imagine the house being decorated in any other way.

Try removing wallpaper or anything really ‘out there’, and create a bit more of a blank canvas that buyers will find appealing, and they can begin to envision putting their stamp onto the house.

Consider A Kitchen Makeover

A simple, modern, clean kitchen is so appealing, but before replacing an entire kitchen, consider changing the cupboard doors, worktops or tiles which can completely change the look of the kitchen without having to spend tens of thousands of pounds.

Don’t Forget The Garden!

Planting Flowers In Garden

Redesigning the garden can add value to the home, even if it is something as simple as tidying it up. For many people, having a garden is a staple element of a family home, so carefully consider some of these elements to transform your garden.

Firstly, privacy is important, so if this is insufficient, try to raise boundary fences. Also, creating sections in the garden for eating, cooking, storage and lawn space are important as it comes across as well designed.

Having double doors or folding doors between the garden and the house is very much in demand. Add colour and interest to areas of the garden, which can definitely be done on a DIY basis!

Maintain Or Restore Original Features

This is more related to older homes, and rather than making everything super modern, buyers often look for original features in older houses. Don’t try and hide original beams, instead make the most of them.

If you really don’t like a feature and don’t believe that buyers will find it appealing, before replacing something completely, see if there’s a way to renovate it to save yourself money.

If you have a dark wood staircase that is making your hallway look dark and dingy, try sanding it down and giving it a few coats of paint. Get the floorboards polished and you’ll be surprised how different they could look.

Change The Curtains

There is nothing worse than looking round a house with horrible, dirty blinds or curtains. If your window treatments are slightly out of date, replacing them will not be too expensive and can make such a difference to buyers.

Give Your Bathroom A Refresh

Bathroom refresh

If your bathroom is looking slightly drab, but it doesn’t need a full renovation, then try re-sealing the bath, shower and sink. Sealant only costs a few pounds per tube and will take a couple of hours. If you’re not confident, there are so many videos on YouTube for you to follow.

It will completely freshen up the bathroom. While you’re there, add a new shower curtain just to finish off the look.

If you have a colourful bathroom, offer the buyers a blank canvas by giving it a couple of coats of white paint to make it bright and inviting.

Add A Stair Runner

Often stairs are the first thing you see when you enter a house, so to give old stairs an update, add a stair runner. It’s a great way to add a hint of colour, or go for a shabby chic neutral weave style.

This is a feature for a wooden staircase really, but if you have the budget, stairs can be easily transformed. You want your buyers to be given a strong introduction which you can do with a staircase that stands out.

Tailor Your Changes To The Market

Think about who your potential buyers will be. The needs of a family moving to the suburbs and a young person moving into a city are completely different. You will be able to find out this sort of information from local estate agents.

For example, if your home is likely to sell to a young family, covering the entire garden with tiles is unlikely to be appealing.

Similarly, a family is likely to want both a bath and a shower which is something to consider before completing a bathroom renovation.

If houses with more bedrooms are in demand, rather than fitting a new bathroom try to keep another bedroom. Thinking about the needs of the people who will be buying your property is key to adding value.

Change The Exterior

The outside of your property is the first thing buyers will see, so creating some street appeal is key to increasing the value. First impressions really count, and a bad exterior will set the tone for the rest of the viewing.

So, what makes them look great? Firstly, giving the exterior paint a freshen up is always a good idea.

Something that is really on trend is having neutral, modern colours that compliment the surroundings of the house, and even something as small as a lick of paint can completely broaden your audience.

If you have a red brick home, it can be rendered, turning the exterior into a modern masterpiece. This, however, does come at quite a cost, but this is likely to come straight back to you through the increased value of the house.

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