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No Sale No Fee Online Estate Agents
While the savings can be substantial when selling your home using an online estate agent, there are pros and cons and you may believe that there are no online agents who will conduct viewings.

This could be an important issue for many people and here, we’ll explain that there are very good online estate agents who offer viewings in a moment. But first, let’s look at how the agents compare…

Top 5 online estate agents who do viewings for you:

Estate AgentCheapest Package + Hosted ViewingsHosted ViewingsOur RatingReviewOfficial Site
Yopa Estate Agent£1,189Unlimited
Read ReviewVisit Website
Strike Reviews£549Unlimited
Read ReviewVisit Website
eSale reviews£920Unlimited For 6 Months
Read ReviewVisit Website
Read ReviewVisit Website
99Home Reviews£300Max 8 Viewings
Read ReviewVisit Website

But, is it essential to use an online estate agent who offers accompanied viewings? Let’s take a closer look…

Online estate agents vs High Street agents

No Sale No Fee Online Estate Agents

This brings us to the ‘online estate agents vs High Street agents’ debate and most sellers will save hundreds of pounds, and some will save thousands of pounds when they opt not to use a traditional High Street estate agent.

With these High Street agents having fees of between 1.5% and 4% of the property’s sales value, and that’s before VAT, means that someone selling a property worth £300,000 will be facing an estate agent’s bill of £4,500 plus VAT.

On the face of it, an online estate agent offering a package worth £400 means that particular seller will be saving at least £4,100.

You could use the potential savings to invest in a package offering accompanied viewings from an online agent – and appreciate that even the largest UK estate agents will not guarantee a sale.

Reasons for using an online estate agent

Other reasons for using an online estate agent include the fact they will promote your property in much the same way a traditional agent will do – except they will not have a High Street office for people to ‘window shop’. Mind you, growing numbers of agents are also a moving out of the High Street.

Bear in mind too that most potential buyers will be using the internet when searching for a new home and using the same portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove when they look for homes for sale.

When you sign up with an online estate agent, you will be taking more control and be more active in the house selling process.

Depending on the package you sign up to, you may find that a lot of online estate agents will not offer viewings. And, if they do, then they will charge substantially more.

Perhaps a good house-selling tactic might be to sign up with online estate agents offering ‘no sale, no fee’ – so you will see how effective they can be.

Self-Hosted Viewings

But if you’re really in the market to reduce the cost of selling your property, why not consider conducting the viewings yourself?

The online process is more hands-on and you may need to take part in the negotiations and then monitor the process through to completion.

Not everybody has the time to dedicate to this process when selling their home, whereas a traditional High Street agent will have the time and local knowledge to help your property sell.

However, most house sellers will know the answers to the questions that a potential buyer may ask. So, what are the tips for conducting a successful viewing?

Selling a property with a successful viewing

How Long Should You Spend Viewing A Property?

There’s no doubt that a key component as part of selling a property is a successful viewing.

And while this sounds daunting, with the correct preparation there’s no reason why you cannot have viewings without incident and you’ll also boost your chances of selling your property.

Here’s our guide to successful property viewing tactics:


You’ll need to prepare your home for the potential buyer so it needs to be uncluttered and clean to make it attractive to a potential buyer.

It’s important that you keep personal items away from sight so the buyer can then see what they can do to the property when they move in.


In addition to cleaning the property, you’ll need to make a special effort, for example, to ensure the bathroom and kitchen are shiny and bright and the windows are sparkling.

Essentially, by cleaning your home, you are showing how much you love it.

Avoid clichés

Forget the house selling tips such as having freshly baked bread or home-made coffee giving off aromas to create a home that is cosy. Potential buyers will not be persuaded like this and yours will not be the first home where they have encountered these tricks.

It’s important to be yourself and don’t second-guess what someone who is looking to buy a home is wanting.

Best attributes

When showing someone around your property, you really need to sell its best attributes such as the gleaming kitchen, the amount of space in the garden or its location, which may be good for schools and public transport.


Cheap Ways To Make A Garden Look Nicer

You’ll need to tidy up and show that the garden is a priority and for those with a big garden that is suitable for young children then make sure the buyer knows about it. Also discuss where the local parks and playing fields are.

Be friendly

When conducting a viewing, you should always be friendly but remember to be professional too. If you are over-friendly then it may come across as being desperate.


Finally, the most important part for conducting viewings when using an online estate agent is to make the viewer feel comfortable. They should be free to look around as much as they want to and go anywhere without you shadowing them.

Be friendly and informal and establish a rapport since being annoying will put potential buyer off.

Use an online agent for accompanied viewings

It’s also worth noting at this point that while these tips are useful for showing a potential buyer around your home when using an online estate agent – they are also helpful for when you use an online agent for accompanied viewings.

Of course, you don’t have to be there – which is why you are paying an agent for their expertise – but you can answer questions and you will get a feel as to whether the buyer has a genuine interest rather than waiting for the agent to send an email saying how great everything went.

As most online agents who offer accompanied viewings make clear, the best seller for your home is you.

So, it makes sense to have your enthusiasm and input during a viewing while the agent uses their experience to highlight the best things about your home while guiding the viewer around.

A quick guide to the best online agents offering viewings

While there are lots of online agents offering great packages for their service, as we mentioned earlier, not all of them will offer accompanied viewings but below we take a look at those who do and rate the best ones for you.

1. Yopa (Our Rating = 9.6)

Yopa Review - Online Estate Agent

Yopa is the top-rated online estate agent who do viewings for lots of reasons. They are not only cost-effective when it comes to selling your home, but they also get lots of positive reviews from happy clients.

Yopa also offers a package that enables their clients to host viewings that suit them, or the local Yopa agent can deal with them. Opting for this will see the agent and their team updating you every week with details.

The Yopa viewings package is £300, though in some London postcodes it’s £399 and covers unlimited hosting viewings to help sell your property.

2. Strike (Our Rating = 9.4)

Strike Online Estate Agent Review

Simply one of our favourite online estate agents, Strike is the first (and only one we know of) to offer their services 100% FREE of charge. Instead, they make money from any of the optional additional services you go for.

The only downside is that they only offer in-person valuations in some areas of the country. But, that shouldn’t matter too much since most estate agents value your property remotely and only use the visit as an opportunity to ‘sell’ you as to why you should use them!

3. eSale UK (Our Rating = 9.2)

eSale review

Not the best known of online estate agents, but eSale UK have well-priced packages and excellent reviews on independent sites.

Tailoring their offering to meet your needs as necessary, we highlight that you should read the small print to understand the conditions that some packages have.

Their basic package starts at £595 including VAT and for six months of unlimited accompanied viewings, eSale UK will charge £325.

4. Doorsteps (Our Rating = 9.2)

Doorsteps Review

Again, not the best known of online estate agents but in the budget sector, they are very popular. Their fees are cheap, but you will probably need various add-ons to meet the standard service offered by rivals.

Doorsteps makes clear that buyers prefer vendors to host a viewing as they offer a comprehensive outlook. They offer unlimited viewings for £400 and you’ll need to book the package in advance.

5. 99Home (Our Rating = 9.2)

99Home Review

Quickly growing in popularity, 99Home has a low starting cost for their packages at just £99. Their ‘Combo’ package costs £499, including VAT, and the vendor hosts the viewing. There are also voucher codes available.

However, if you want 99Home to take care of the viewings then you can add them on for an additional £300, though this only permits you up to 8 hosted viewings.

Best online estate agents who offer an accompanied viewing service

As you can see, that’s a varied offering from the best online estate agents who offer an accompanied viewing service and they all meet a wide range of needs.

For the cost saving, you may be tempted to use them to conduct accompanied viewings though they will still need to liaise with you about times and most of them say you should be there too.

Otherwise, opting for an online estate agent with their accompanied viewings package brings you much closer to the offering of a traditional High Street estate agent – but at a fraction of the cost.

This then makes these online estate agents who offer accompanied viewings a viable alternative to the traditional route and helps explain why growing numbers of people are using them.

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