Upad Vs OpenRent – Online Letting Agent Comparison

Upad Vs OpenRent
Which letting agent is the best choice when you compare Upad Vs OpenRent?

In order to find out which is best for you, you can use the table below to see how they stack up on some important metrics:

Upad Review OpenRent Review
Our Rating Read Review Read Review
Lowest Price £149 Free
Pay On Success £449 Not available
Best Thing Option to pay on success Free trial
Worst Thing Generally more expensive No fully
managed service
Hidden Fees None None
Customer Support Phone and email
7 days a week
Help centre
& forum
Rent Protection £159 From £55
Hosted Viewings Not available From £35
Voucher Code None None

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Upad Vs OpenRent – Who Wins?

When you look at Upad Vs OpenRent in a side-by-side comparison like above, it’s easy to see that for the most part, OpenRent just edges it.

Not only is OpenRent the cheaper option, but they also offer a free trial which means you can test them out first before committing to a 3-month advertising package.

Plus, they also offer hosted viewings whereas Upad don’t. Finally, their rent protection insurance is potentially cheaper, though it’s worth getting a quote to be sure.

The downside is that OpenRent do not offer an option to only pay once you’ve successfully found a tenant and don’t offer a fully managed lettings service. Therefore, if you’re after either of these things, Upad may be the better choice.

Plus, there is some truth in the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ and in that respect, Upad perhaps do offer the ‘fuller’ service, one which is closer to the complete service you may expect from a traditional letting agent.

Overall, our OpenRent review scored them slightly higher, though Upad’s score of 8.9/10 is not low enough to cause any real concerns.

Our Recommendation:

So, based on our Upad Vs OpenRent comparison, OpenRent do appear to have the better overall offering, but there isn’t a great in it so, whichever you choose, you’re unlikely to regret it.

If you like the idea of paying only once you’ve successfully found a tenant, or you want a fully managed lettings service, choose Upad.

If you prefer to take a little risk and pay upfront to save significant amounts of cash, or you don’t have the time or desire to conduct your own viewings, choose OpenRent.

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