Quick House Sale Reviews

Quick House Sale Reviews
When you need to sell a property in a hurry, and you don’t mind accepting a lower price to do so, cash buying firms can come in useful.

We’ve put together our quick house sale reviews to help you find the company best places to get you a fair price for your home, fast.

Quick House Sale Companies Comparison:

CompanySpeed of SalePrice AchievedOur RatingReviewOfficial Site
WeBuyAnyHome ReviewExcellentExcellent
Read ReviewVisit Website
SOLD.CO.UK ReviewGoodOutstanding
Read ReviewVisit Website
HouseBuyFast.co.uk ReviewExcellentGood
Read ReviewVisit Website

Do a quick Google search and you will find tens, hundred, or perhaps even thousands of ‘quick house sale’ style companies to choose from.

The problem is, the industry has a bad name because of a few unreputable companies spoiling it for everyone else. Nonetheless, it pays to be cautious.

We only recommend the best quick house sale companies that we find. In fact, we are quite picky about who we’ll even review. That means, if they’ve made our table above, you can be sure they have a good reputation in the industry.

Use the comparison table to check which companies are worth considering, then click through if you want to read our quick house sale reviews. Alternatively, once you’ve selected the best company for you, click on ‘Visit Website’ to go to the official company site.

How Our Ratings Work

As mentioned when we were introducing our quick house sale reviews, a company has to meet a certain standard before we’ll even consider adding them to our site.

Put simply, if a firm doesn’t have good customer reviews, a strong reputation, and fair processes in place, we won’t even mention them.

However, for those that pass our stringent initial checks, our experts conduct more detailed reviews.

We then provide ratings for each quick house sale company based on three areas. They are fair offers, quick completions, and overall reputation. From these 3 scores we create an average which gives you their overall rating.

Our quick house sale reviews are therefore always fair, honest, and constructive. We don’t waste your time with unnecessary information and we avoid using any of the company’s own sales language.


Sometimes looking at quick house sale reviews can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve broken down the key information about each company below.

#1 – WeBuyAnyHome (Our Rating = 9.8)

WeBuyAnyHome Review

As one of the founding members of NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers), they don’t come much more reputable than WeBuyAnyHome.

Offering some of the fastest completions in the industry (under 7 days isn’t unheard of), this quick house sale company seems to offer pretty much everything.

For one, they’ll beat any other genuine offer from a cash buying company. That means you won’t get a higher price from any other ‘quick buy’ company.

Plus, you won’t have to pay any legal fees or anything else unexpected. That makes them a pretty good choice for selling your home quick.

Read our full WeBuyAnyHome review to find out more.

#2 – SOLD.CO.UK (Our Rating = 9.6)

SOLD.CO.UK review

If you like the idea of selling your home quickly, but you don’t want to lose as much value as you might with a typical quick house sale company, SOLD.CO.UK may be the perfect compromise.

Sitting somewhere between a quick house sale company and a traditional estate agent it offers a bit of a ‘best of both’ approach.

You see, the firm doesn’t buy your property themselves. Instead, they have a panel of pre-qualified buyers (mostly investors) and also advertise direct to standard buyers via portals like Rightmove and Zoopla.

That allows them to sell your home fast (the average is 23 days), though not as quickly as a cash buying company would. The advantage though is that you won’t need to lower your asking price quite as much either.

Read our full SOLD.CO.UK review to find out more.

#3 – HouseBuyFast.co.uk (Our Rating = 9.5)

HouseBuyFast.co.uk review

If you prefer to deal only with a single company, HouseBuyFast.co.uk are able to buy your property without requiring any third-party funding.

That, in theory, makes the process more straightforward and less likely to go wrong. That could be useful if you’re particularly pressed to sell quickly.

Speaking of speed of sale, some properties have been known to complete in as little as 3 days. That’s super speedy, but remember, that’s the exception, not the rule. Completions in 2-4 weeks is more common.

You will definitely have to accept a ‘lower than value’ price though. Typically offers are around 85% of what you might achieve on the open market. That’s the price you pay for selling so quickly.

Read our full HouseBuyFast.co.uk review to find out more.

So, Which Home Buying Company Is The Best?

We know that deciding which home buying company is the best is not an easy task. That’s one of the reasons we put together our quick house sale reviews and comparison table.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer. All of the quick house sale companies we have recommended have their own strengths and weaknesses. That means that which one is best for you will depend on exactly what you’re looking for.

With some you’ll be able to sell faster but may get an even lower price for your home. With others, you might get a better price for your property but you may have to wait longer to complete.

Which is best then depends on what’s more important to you, selling fast or getting the most money.

Are Home Buying Companies Legitimate?

Are home buying companies legitimate?

As with any type of product or service, the are both good and bad companies around. It’s certainly true to to say that the legitimate home buying companies have been tarnished by the actions of less reputable quick house sale companies.

That’s one of the reasons we created our quick house sale reviews. To help you seperate the good from the ugly.

The truth is, companies that can offer you a quick cash sale for a property have their place in the market (at least, the legitimate ones do!). Some dismiss them simply because you will never get true market value for your property.

While it’s true, that opinion assumes that everyone is out to get the most amount of money possible. In fact, many people are forced into quick sales and are prepared to sacrifice some value in order to complete quicker.

Reasons for using a quick house sale company can vary. They are often used by people experiencing financial or marital difficulties or following the death of the owner. They are sometimes used by people who simply want to avoid all the stresses and strains that come with listing your property for sale the traditional way.

Whatever your reason for looking at quick house sale reviews, as long as you accept you won’t be getting the full value for the property, they most certainly have their merits.

How Fast Can A House Sale Go Through?

In theory, no matter how you sell your home, the sale can go through in just a few weeks.

This get’s much longer the more complicated the sale gets. For instance, if your buyer is in a chain, there are many people involved and several different solicitors. One slight issue anywhere along the chain can hold everything up.

In situations like this, it’s not uncommon for the conveyancing process to take several months. And that’s after an offer has been accepted! Depending on the market conditions and how competitively your property is priced, it may take weeks or months to even get to the offer stage.

Faced with the uncertainties and many months wait, many people turn to quick house sale companies as an alternative.

With such firms, it’s possible to complete in a matter of days, and certainly within 2-4 weeks. That’s because the cash buying firm isn’t in a chain. They also have solicitors on standby that are used to working with such purchases.

In essence, they have refined the process to be fast. But you pay for that privilege by selling it to them at a significant discount. If that’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make, you can use our quick house sale reviews to find the best company for you.

Our Top-Rated Quick House Sale Companies:

CompanySpeed of SalePrice AchievedOur RatingReviewOfficial Site
WeBuyAnyHome ReviewExcellentExcellent
Read ReviewVisit Website
SOLD.CO.UK ReviewGoodOutstanding
Read ReviewVisit Website
HouseBuyFast.co.uk ReviewExcellentGood
Read ReviewVisit Website


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