WeBuyAnyHome Review

WeBuyAnyHome Review
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WeBuyAnyHome Reviews

Overall Rating:


Fair Offers = 9.8

Quick Completions = 9.7

Reputation = 9.8


  • Sales can be completed extremely fast. Sometimes in as little as 7 days
  • They guarantee to beat any other genuine offer from a cash buying company
  • Highly reputable firm having been founding members of NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers)


  • As with all ‘quick sale’ companies, you won’t get full market value for your home
  • You will need to complete some paperwork to complete the sale
  • There is some confusion on their website over how they value properties
WeBuyAnyHome review – owned by property professionals and with claims to be ‘the UK’s leading cash home buying company’. Is this a firm that can be trusted when you need to sell fast?

Their tag lines tell us that they “will get you moving,” and the company purchase property all over England and Wales. Let’s find out if the reality lives up to the hype with our comprehensive WeBuyAnyHome review.

At A Glance:

WeBuyAnyHome launched in 2010, in a bid to abet property owners struggling to sell their home and those determined to secure a fast sale. The firm profess to offer a good and just price for every property, and they like to impress their penchant for honesty and sense of fair play. 

As a founding member of the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) and a member of the Property Ombudsman, the company is committed to abiding by Property Ombudsman rules and providing a principled service to homeowners.

WeBuyAnyHome has also been ranked in the top 3 of YouGov’s 2019 “Top Brand Buzz Awards.” 

WeBuyAnyHome also boasts having a combined 300 years of experience in the field and the firm makes a promise to listen to their customers in order to provide the best service possible. 

The company proclaims to offer a speedy solution, providing a no-obligation quote in just 24 hours and purchasing your house in as little as 7 days. There are no hidden charges an no legal fees to worry about either.  

If you are in a rush, a company such as WeBuyAnyHome (specialising in fast sales), could be the perfect solution. However, it’s essential you understand that you will not get the full market value of your home. You should only consider going down this route if you can live with that!

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How Quickly Can WeBuyAnyHome Buy My Property?

WeBuyAnyHome pride themselves on offering a super speedy (and very simple) service. We’ve already highlighted the fact that customers can obtain a no-obligation cash offer in as little as 24 hours. 

The property valuation is made via a combination of online assessment of your property (using LandRegistry, RightMove Plus and other third-party sources) and valuations provided by two or three independent estate agents.

The company has its own cash reserves, so there’s no delay likely. This means the whole sale should be relatively quick and painless, and everything can be wrapped up in a jiffy.

That said, we all know that house selling can be an intricate business. The entire process is more likely to take two-three weeks (but if you need things to move faster you can always ask). 

WeBuyAnyHome Review

How Selling With WeBuyAnyHome Works

We do like to be thorough, so in order to bring you a clear and informative WeBuyAnyHome review, we’ve explored the methodology of selling your house via this company. Here’s an overview you might find useful:

Step One: The Enquiry

Fill in an online enquiry form. This involves answering a few straightforward questions, so the team at WeBuyAnyHome can get a feel for the property you want to sell.

Over time they have built up a database of properties. This, alongside the use of valuation software, and valuations from 2 or 3 estate agents, enable an accurate valuation in line with the current market.

Step Two: The Offer

Once your details are received and processed, an advisor will get in touch to discuss your property. He or she will advise you of the cash offer WeBuyAnyHome are willing to make.

Their advisors are encouraged to talk to you and (more importantly) to listen. That helps them understand your position and how the company can best assist.

This allows the you to air your preferences in terms of how promptly funds are paid and also provides the opportunity to ask questions. Following this discussion, a formal offer is made in writing. 

Step Three: The Sale 

As with most important transactions, there’s paperwork to complete. Once all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, everything can be put in place to facilitate the sale.

Firsty, WeBuyAnyHome appoint a solicitor for you (this is an independent professional with no affiliation to the company).

Solicitor fees are covered by WeBuyAnyHome as part of the service. So, you do not need to worry about paying out for any unexpected extras. 

The company then employs an estate agent to confirm the final value your property – the cost of this is also covered. If you’re happy with everything, the legalities of the sale can get underway. On completion (sometimes within 7 days) the funds are transferred to your account. 

WeBuyAnyHome Reviews From Customers:

It’s always a good idea to get the views of those who have actually used a service for themselves. When checking independent customer review site, Trustpilot, as part of our WeBuyAnyHome review, we were pleased to see they have an overall ‘Excellent’ rating.

Here are a few WeBuyAnyHome reviews to give you an idea of how well they have performed in the past:

Wish i came to you earlier. I was on the market with estate agents for nearly a year without getting much interest. We Buy Any Home purchased the property below the value so I didn’t have to wait for a normal buyer.

Sarah Amy Jane via Trustpilot review

We needed to sell our home of 14 years so as to make our dream of moving overseas come true. And it did come true thanks to the team from We Buy Any Home. We were quite apprehensive at first but we had a solicitor at hand and they confirmed that all the paperwork was on the up and up. Now we’re planning to travel to Mexico and then to Asia. Thanks WBAH!

Bonnie Phillips via Trustpilot review

So, Is WeBuyAnyHome Any Good?

We’ve seen an increase in the number of fast house sale companies, with the economy and housing market so volatile. It’s no surprise that firms such as these are becoming progressively popular. It can be difficult for customers to decide which company to engage with. That’s where review websites and social media platforms tend to come in useful. 

Reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot seem to indicate WeBuyAnyHome offers a robust and reliable service.

Customers have left positive feedback, and the same words, such as helpful, professional, informative and polite seem to pop up time and time again. This is a good indication that WeBuyAnyHouse offer a good service. 

Teaming up with a quick house sale company isn’t an option for everyone (traditional estate agents will secure a higher price for a property). But, it is a worthy prospect for those keen to speed up the process in a bid to procure a fuss-free house sale. 

Positives Of WeBuyAnyHome:

Why use WeBuyAnyHome?

Using a quick sale company can feel a little daunting. That’s why our WeBuyAnyHome review has carefully considered the advantages of using this service. We have given everything the once over so you don’t have to! 

First of all, we must give a nod to the speed at which complicated transactions can be dealt with by companies such as WeBuyAnyHome.

We all know how long-winded the moving procedure can be. So, it’s comforting to know the whole process can be simplified and shortened.

It’s also heartening to discover that WeBuyAnyHome are keen to listen and respond to the needs of their customers – doing their utmost to observe the preferred timescale – be that a sale in just days or weeks. 

Listening to customers seems to be a theme, as WeBuyAnyHome are keen to understand the expectations of the property owner. They offer a comprehensive service designed to make things easier, and the service provided is discrete. 

With WeBuyAnyHome you don’t need to concern yourself with finding a buyer or negotiating. The company will facilitate the pay-out to purchase your property. You can be on your way with the money in your pocket and no mortgage or bills (or house) to worry about! 

It’s also helpful that you don’t have to stump up any fees to cover solicitors, estate agents, legal work etc. WeBuyAnyHome pay all of this in line with the service provided.

House moving is an expensive business. So, it’s cheering to know you won’t need to pay for it all on your own.

Negatives Of WeBuyAnyHome:

WeBuyAnyHome has received favourable feedback in the main. However, we wouldn’t be doing our job unless we looked a little deeper and checked for any negative views too. Here are one or two things you might want to consider: 

We’ve already highlighted a notable problem that goes hand in hand with any fast house sale buying company. That’s the fact you will receive a price that’s lower than the market value. In effect, WeBuyAnyHome are getting a great discount from you to buy your home quickly. 

We think the website needs to be a little clearer on the valuation process. One statement indicates that valuations are carried out in person to ensure an accurate price.

However, on another page, the company infer that valuations can be carried out via the database, software etc. A little clarification on this would put the customers’ mind at ease. 

It’s also worth recognising that the timeframe involved might not be quite as short as the customer hopes for. Property transactions are fraught with legal variables and unexpected problems – although WeBuyAnyHome aim to meet your timeframe, they cannot guarantee everything will go swimmingly and there won’t be any delays. 

Although WeBuyAnyHome recognise themselves as market leaders (they have an impressive success rate of 98%), we must keep in mind that this is determined by location and the condition of the market, and the property itself.

It’s great that WeBuyAnyHome accept all sorts of properties (regardless of their condition), but customers must be accurate in describing the property. The company does work with other parties to promote your property and drive a sale – but again, no guarantees are made. 

A Short History Of WeBuyAnyHome

WeBuyAnyHome Awards

Founded by Elliot Castle, London based business, WeBuyAnyHome.com burst onto the property scene in 2010.

Castle has plenty of experience under his belt – refurbishing and selling his own flat at the tender age of 17, before going on to work in property investment.

Frustrated by the process involved, the wannabe entrepreneur decided to launch his own competitive home-buying service, and WeBuyAnyHome was born. 

WeBuyAnyHome Review – Summary:

Selling your home isn’t easy, in fact, it no doubt features highly on a list “stressful things to do in life.” When you’re trying to sell your home very quickly, this can be even more of a bind. 

People want to sell at speed for all sorts of reasons, including relationship breakdowns, job offers, health issues etc. When you have a lot going on, the added pressure of finding a buyer and chasing a sale can prove to be one obstacle too many.

Quick sale companies can also be engaged to prevent a house repossession – allowing customers to pay off debtors and move out minus the embarrassment and inconvenience of facing a repossession.    

That’s why finding a company you can count on is a must. We like the fact that WeBuyAnyHome prides itself on maintaining a robust reputation. If you are looking for a swift solution to selling your property – this could be the company to turn to. 


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