Create A Garden That Can Add 20% In Value To Your Property

Long-term garden improvements
There are plenty of ways to add value to your home, and one of the most cost-effective is by improving your garden.

The Telegraph in answering the question “Do gardens add value to properties?” point out that a well-maintained garden can add 20% to your property value.

Then again, you neither need to spend a fortune nor take up topiary, to improve your garden, because the simpler changes appeal more to buyers who are generally put off by fussy-looking spaces and gardens that are hard to maintain.

Short-Term Improvements

Improving your garden
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Short-term improvements are for people thinking of selling their home soon. So, it makes perfect sense that you opt for simple, low-cost improvements that you can do quickly. One obvious improvement you can do is give your garden a thorough clean up.

You can then give your plants a “lift,” which is sometimes called crown lifting. This process entails removing the lower branches from trees and shrubs, which can make plants look cleaner and improves their overall shape.

Next, you can “top dress your pots,” and here is how you can do it: Look for established plants and simply scrape away the top 5 cm of compost from their pots.

Make sure you do this carefully using your fingers, a kitchen fork, or a blunt pencil. By doing this it will remove weeds, moss, and dead leaves, but be very careful so as not to break or damage the roots. After this, replace the compost you have scraped away with a layer of fresh compost or even decorative mulch.

You should also consider improving the lighting in your garden by installing outdoor lights. This is relatively easy, will not cost an arm and a leg, and will take very little of your time.

You can use fences and furniture as attachment points, or you can dangle them from canes stuck in the ground or on the branches of tall plants.

Long-Term Improvements

In contrast to short-term improvements, long-term changes are for people thinking of selling their home a few years down the road.

As these improvements are done with the view towards the future, you can, therefore, plan accordingly and invest a little more in the way of resources, time, and labour. And in many ways, these long-term renovations are better investments, as they will add a lot more value to your home.

Long-term garden improvements
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Installing a pergola comes to mind right away, as this garden feature will give your space a more sophisticated look. Just take a look at the rose pergola at Kew Gardens in London (pictured above) and you’ll see what we mean. If you are handy with woodwork, you can build pergolas from scratch.

This will save you money compared to buying one from a garden centre. Screwfix feature an array of pergolas that show the different types that are popular in the UK. Most are made from natural timber, are pressure-tested and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 15 to 20 years.

Due to the length of the standard guarantees being offered, your pergola is sure to be an integral part of your garden for a long time; that is until you ultimately sell your home.

Another feature that will add value to your property is a water feature. Whether it is a small pond or a water fountain, this will make your home attractive to many buyers, as it will be an extra cost they won’t have to spend on improving the garden.

A water feature will give your garden a focal point and help prospective buyers plan their own garden around it.

We’ve given you more than enough pointers to improve your garden already. Now, it’s up to you to add 20% more value to your home by trying out our tips.

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