Pros & Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer

Pros & Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer
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If you’re looking to develop your property, then you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth hiring an interior designer.

It’s something that continually splits opinions; some say you need to hire one, others say it’s a total waste of money.

But, when you’re keen to develop your property and improve the aesthetics, then what are the pros and cons of hiring an interior designer?

We’ll explore these, and much more, in the following guide…

What Is An Interior Designer?

Before we look at all the advantages of hiring an interior designer – along with the disadvantages – we should start by defining what one actually is.

The dictionary definition of interior design is:

The design and coordination of the decorative elements of the inside of any property.

As such, an interior designer is someone that deals with all of this. Their role is to make sure the inside of your home looks good and is well coordinated; simple!

What Changes Might An Interior Designer Make?

The changes made by an interior designer will vary depending on your property and what your vision is.

However, it’s safe to say that they will be looking at every single design element of your property.

This means everything from the ceiling pattern to the flooring will be carefully considered to ensure it all matches and looks good together.

Along with this, they will also help construct the layout of each room. Interior design goes above and beyond pretty colours and furniture, it’s also about the way a place feels and functions.

So, they could help create more space in a room or allow you to get the most out of a small area.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer?

Pros Of Hiring An Interior Designer

As you can probably imagine, there are some significant pros and cons of hiring an interior designer to help with your development project.

So, this section will be dedicated to going through all of these and providing a fair and balanced view.

Advantages Of Hiring An Interior Designer:

A Professional Approach

When you hire an interior designer, you get someone that does this kind of work every day. It’s their job, which means they attack it with a professional approach.

They know all the ins and outs of interior design, meaning you can maximise the appeal of your property and choose styles that are built to last.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, they’ll know how to get the most out of any space in your property.

No matter how small a room is, a professional interior designer has all the tricks to ensure it’s utilised correctly.

A Second Opinion

Another critical advantage is that you get a second opinion on things.

While you may be sure that something looks great and is the right thing to do, an interior designer can come in with a fresh perspective and different ideas.

This can help you avoid making mistakes and also might result in a final product that’s way better than you initially expected.

Plenty Of Resources

Perhaps one of the best advantages of hiring an interior designer is that they have access to plenty of resources.

When you try and do things on your own, then you might not have any resources to call upon at all. But, a professional interior designer will have connections throughout the industry.

They’ll know the best contractors to work with, the best painters, and the best materials as well. This could result in a much higher-quality job.

Potentially Saves Money

This is a bit of a contentious one, and we’ll make the counter argument in the disadvantages section, but some argue that hiring an interior designer helps save money in the long run.

With their help and guidance, you can make better decisions which means you won’t need to go out and replace furniture or redesign your home for many years. So, you save on future developments.

Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer

Disadvantages Of Hiring An Interior Designer:


Naturally, the main downside is that interior designers can be very expensive. If you didn’t hire one, you could save an absolute fortune – which is important for many people developing their property in a bid to sell it for a profit.

Plus, to counter the point about saving money, a designer might not help you make the best decisions, meaning you still want to redevelop later on in life as well.

So, you don’t actually end up saving any money at all.

Different Opinions

While it can sometimes be good to have a different opinion, it may also be a disadvantage. There might be something you really like and want, but your designer tells you it’s not a good idea.

As such, you could end up having arguments, which is never a good way to spend your money!


The nature of hiring an interior designer means you bring someone into your home.

If you have a young family or lots of personal items on display, then this could make you feel a bit uncomfortable as they’re complete strangers.

When Should You Hire An Interior Designer?

Hiring an interior designer isn’t so much a question of if, but rather when. When is the best time to hire an interior designer to help with your property development project?

Realistically, if you’re just decorating a room or changing the way something looks, then there’s no point hiring one as it will just add up to a lot of money for not a lot of change.

Likewise, if you’re trying to keep the costs down, then it can be better to just do it yourself.

However, hiring an interior designer makes sense if you’ve got a pretty big project on your hands. Let’s say you’re renovating your entire property and want to get the most out of every single centimetre of space.

Here, it can make sense to hire one as you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Also, if you have absolutely no idea with regards to interior design, then it’s a good idea to hire one, so you actually have some ideas to consider.

All in all, we suggest you weigh up the pros and cons before making your decision. Then, head to Google and search for the best interior designers in your area.

Read through the reviews and check the pricing until you find the perfect match for your project.


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