How To Make The Best Use Of Your Open-Plan Kitchen-Diner

How to make the best use of an open-plan kitchen diner
Open-plan kitchen diners can make a lovely focal point for your home, as a place where families can come together to cook, eat and socialise.

If you’re thinking of remodelling your property or simply want to make better use of your current kitchen-diner, then it’s important to understand what makes these rooms work.

You need to create a room that feels spacious and airy, as well as comfortable and inviting. Here are some great tips for getting the most out of your kitchen-diner.

Plan carefully and sensibly

Planning ahead makes it easier to achieve a functional space, and a good open-plan kitchen needs to be practical. It takes a lot of thought to consider the needs of the space and it’s important to remember that you may have to compromise on certain features in order to get the most from your space. 

You should avoid making any purchases until you’ve finalised the plan, as you might find that the amount of available space you have changes.

When you’re creating a plan, consider how you’ll move around the space and what your current set-up is lacking. For example, often frustrated by the process of preparing meals alone in your kitchen?

A food preparation area that’s at the heart of the kitchen-diner may be a great option that enables you to socialise and cook at the same time. 

Make use of natural light

Kitchens look best under natural light, so consider ways you can bring in as much light as possible to open up the space. French windows or sliding doors, for example, can help light flood into the room and illuminate your kitchen. 

But bear in mind that if installing larger windows means making structural changes, you’ll need to work with professionals in order to ensure a great result. 

The right chairs make a huge difference

Kitchen Diner Chairs

The right chairs can transform a dining space, but when we choose chairs, we often put style and comfort over practicality. Your chairs need to be the right style but also, crucially, the right size. 

The right size chairs not only make using the table a more pleasant experience, but they also ensure you can slide the chairs neatly under the table when they’re not in use to maximise the space during the day.

If you’re measuring to get the right size, remember to always measure from the underside of a table and never the top. It’s also advisable to allow 15cm between each chair so that people can sit down and get in and out comfortably. 

Add space where you can

In an open-plan kitchen-diner, it’s essential to have plenty of space to walk around – you don’t want the space to feel claustrophobic and cluttered.

This means adding extra space wherever you can and making great use of vertical space with the likes of shelving, which will eliminate the need for boxes or storage at ground level. 

If you have a larger kitchen, you can also utilise storage areas through a kitchen island – this can help create zones in the room that separates the kitchen and dining areas while also providing a space to eat or prepare food.  

Give the illusion of space

The amount of physical space each person has varies from home to home, but you can also make the room you have to appear larger through clever positioning and colour.

Lighter colour choices are a great way of doing this, allowing light to reflect more easily and opening up the room. 

Likewise, colour blocking by keeping cupboards and storage the same colour as the walls can also create the feeling of a larger space, while also keeping the room cohesive.

Another way to create the illusion of more room is through open front shelving and cupboards which not only provide you with extra storage but also create the appearance of more space. 

Final thoughts

Creating the ideal atmosphere for your open plan kitchen-diner is an art – you need to be able to create a space that is both practical and aesthetically-pleasing, that also suits the rest of your home.

When they’re planned properly, open plan spaces can not only create a cosier environment, but they can also create opportunities for socialising with family and friends.

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