Landlord Vision Review

Landlord Vision Review
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Landlord Vision Reviews

Overall Rating:


Value For Money = 9.7

Customer Support = 9.8

Reputation = 9.2


  • Very easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • Good range of features to suit a wide range of landlords
  • Excellent customer support with full software tutorials provided


  • Some users report it is over-complicated for their needs
  • A short learning curve to go through
Landlord Vision review – a secure, easy to use cloud based software that allows you to manage your property portfolio with ease.

This specialist property management platform allows instant analysis with the click of a button, so you can keep track of all the details from the start of a tenancy.

At A Glance:

Landlord Vision has been designed to provide landlords a tool to track all the details of a tenancy, including loan or mortgage management, rental incomes, and supplier contact details. 

Landlords signing up to Landlord Vision can enjoy:

  • Automation of key tasks
  • Important event reminders
  • Up to date legal documentation
  • Flexibility to work anywhere including smartphones
  • Unlimited support
  • Tracking of tenant interactions and property visits

Our Landlord Vision review has found the software claims to reduce admin time by as much as 31 percent, and users can also suggest new features. 

Help Provided By Landlord Vision

One of the most impressive features of Landlord Vision is the video tutorials. This series of short videos train users to get the best of the Landlord Vision package. Additionally, if you have specific queries, the support team offer prompt responses. 

The tutorials cover details from how to run reports through to how to calculate your income tax liability.

Since the package is evolving continuously to meet landlord’s needs, you don’t need to worry about the government “making tax digital” push as you can quickly and easily compile your tax return using the software. 

Landlord Vision Review

Landlord Vision Fees:

Landlord Vision offers simple pricing to provide a great return on investment. Your package can be tailored to your specific requirements, depending on how many properties or tenancies you have in your portfolio.

There are three levels to choose from and each covers one tenancy, though extra tenancies can be added for as little as an extra 50p per additional tenancy, per month.

Quick Start

The Quick Start package is the most basic one and includes rental income tracking, expense management, and bank feeds. You also get unlimited phone and email support, 2GB storage and 1 user.

This package will suit those with very simple setups or who have accountants already and just need basic recording of income and expenditure. It costs £2.40 per month for the first 4 months and then £6 a month thereafter.


The Essentials Package includes everything from the Quick Start package but also adds on mortgage and loan management, tasks and reminders, calendar integration, tax and MTD compliance, and access to accountants. You also get your storage upgraded to 10GB and you can have up to 3 users.

This package will suit those who have slightly more complex setups or who want more of a hands-off solution. It’s also a good choice for those who do not hire an accountant. The cost starts at £4 per month before rising to £10 a month after 4 months.


The Plus Package is the top level package and includes everything from Essentials and Quick Start. However, you also get the ability to scan receipts to create expenses, electronic document signatures, Direct Debit rent collection, tenant/landlord notifications, a tenant access portal, and a legal document centre.

This package is ideal for anyone with a larger or more complex portfolio, or landlords who simply want everything taken care of so they can get on with managementing their properties. It costs £6 for the first 4 months followed by £15 a month thereafter.

All prices were correct at the time of conducting our Landlord Vision review but we advise checking their website for the latest information.

Key Features Of Landlord Vision

Landlord Vision Features

Landlord Vision offers a variety of features that can be used by both private landlords and limited companies.

Private landlords can use the income tax reporting tool for the tax year ending 5th April, while limited companies can use the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets, choosing their own financial year end date. 


  • Automatic direct debit collection
  • Rent and tenant management
  • Provision to allow restricted access to your tenants
  • A tenant service desk


  • Automatic direct debit collection
  • Rent and tenant management
  • Provision to allow restricted access to your tenants
  • A tenant service desk


  • An integrated accounting engine
  • Easy, quick bank reconciliation
  • Free access for accountants
  • Expense accounts and categories


  • Secure storage of your own documents
  • Mail merging to send letters
  • E-Signature document signing
  • Legal document centre.


  • Automatic warnings
  • Worksheets
  • Integrated calendar
  • Tenant and landlord email alerts


  • 10 accounting and finance reports
  • 9 tenant reports
  • 13 property records
  • Landlord capital gains and income tax

Landlord Vision Reviews From Customers:

Yopa made selling are house nice and easy to sell .Aimee cook could not do enough to help things go smoothly and got us a grExcellent support. Software very easy to use, but when I have had problems, the team at Landlord Vision have sorted these out very quickly. Also had the same level of support when I used the free version as I have now on the subscription one. Would highly recommend the software to landlords looking to sort out their portfolio.

Judgeland Properties via 5-star Trustpilot review

I can highly recommend Landlord Vision to other Landlords, it makes the whole process of managing my property portfolio very easy.

KMS Properties via 5-star Trustpilot review

How Landlord Vision Works

The Landlord Vision platform has been designed to be easy to use with the core features readily available on the home screen. After sign up for either the free trial or a paid subscription, you can start by adding a property.

You will need to select the “Property Manager” icon from the list of icons at the left hand side of the screen. From there, click “Add Property”. You will then be able to enter the details of your property, including the type, construction date, furnishing, target rent, and payment term.

You can also specify features such as smoke alarms, house alarm, parking spaces, and garage. Once you have entered all the information, you just need to click save. 

Adding a tenant is just as simple. You need to click the “Tenant Manager” icon and “Add Tenant”. You will then need to enter the relevant information into the Primary or Secondary tenant fields. You can then assign these tenants to one of your properties already saved into your portfolio and even assign them a room if your property is an HMO. 

The profile is then completed with the tenancy details, with compulsory fields for start date, first rent due date, expiry date, payment term, and rent.

Only the deposit field is not compulsory to create the tenancy. You can also select “Rolling Tenancy”, “Early Warning” and “LHA Tenancy” before you click save to create the tenancy. 

Landlord Vision also allows you to create a variety of reports to help with your accounting and tax. You can migrate data from spreadsheets and CSV files. However, there are a number of tutorials to guide you through report creation. 

Landlord Vision TV Advert:

So, Is Landlord Vision Any Good?

Our Landlord Vision review has found this is a nice piece of software in a market where there is very little good software specifically made for landlords. This makes it genuinely one of the best on the market. 

Even if you are using a letting agent to manage your rental properties, Landlord Vision can be used to record your property related expenses, track your finances including loan or mortgage repayments and provide accurate profit and loss figures and tax payment estimates.

You can also use the platform to keep records of all of your property related documentation. You can even use Landlord Vision to manage your overseas properties, making it a solid, all round property management tool. 

Negatives Of Landlord Vision

While it is generally very good, Landlord Vision is not perfect. Some users have reported difficulties editing and deleting entries.

Additionally, if you are a landlord working on a cash rental basis, the platform may be a little over complicated.

However, with increasing standards for HMRC, the platform can provide an excellent tool to ensure that you remain fully compliant. 

A Short History Of Landlord Vision

Landlord Vision was developed by landlords and began as property taxation specialists. The team was helping clients to minimise tax bills and heard about the problems that landlords were having.

The most common problems were staying compliant and staying organised while trying to grow a property portfolio. 

The Landlord Vision team used their property management experience to build the platform to make it easier to manage all aspects of your portfolio.

Landlord Vision Review – Summary:

So, as we reach the end of our Landlord Vision review, we have found this is a great tool for private landlords or limited property management companies.

The platform not only helps you to manage the day to day tasks associated with your tenancies, but also prepare the paperwork to ensure taxation compliance.

While it may appear complicated for new landlords, the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Additionally, Landlord Vision has excellent support, with video tutorials. Some users have even reported the Landlord Vision team spending more than an hour on the phone answering questions. With a free 14 day trial, there is no reason not to try this great platform. 


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