How To List Your Property On Rightmove

How To List Your Property On Rightmove
Rightmove has quite literally changed the way we look for properties. Gone are the days of thumbing through the local paper and browsing estate agent windows.

Now you can view almost every property on the market on one single website.

But, there’s a catch. You might be wondering how to list your property on Rightmove? Let’s take a look…

Why Use Rightmove?

The first question you should ask is why list your property on Rightmove? There are a couple of really big reasons:

  1. The Rightmove website gets over 130 million visits every month!
  2. 77% of the time spent on the top 4 property websites is on Rightmove

So, you can see, Rightmove is simply the best way to get your home in front of as many people as possible. The internet never sleeps and so, by being on Rightmove, your property details are available for prospective buyers to find 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who Can List Properties On Rightmove?

Put simply, only registered estate agents, letting agents, and new home developers can list properties on Rightmove. Even then, they still need to meet a strict set of criteria in order to qualify for listing. This is also true for other portals such as Zoopla.

This is so that the quality of listings can be maintained. If the site was open to anyone to list properties, it would be difficult for the site to maintain the current high quality of listings.

This comes at a cost though, as anyone who is approved to list properties on Rightmove must also pay a fee to do so. That’s one of the reasons why estate agents are so expensive.

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How To List Your Property On Rightmove

So, if you can’t list on Rightmove yourself, what is the best course of action? Most traditional estate agents now advertise on portals such as Rightmove for no additional fee.

However, our recommendation would be to use an online estate agent. Not only do online estate agents get your property on Rightmove quickly, they also do it for a fraction of the cost.

Plus, online estate agents also tend to give you more control over your Rightmove advert so you can easily change things to suit. It’s essentially the next best thing to listing on Rightmove yourself.

Head on over to our online estate agent reviews to find out which are our most recommended agents.

How To List Your Property On Rightmove

How To Create A Good Rightmove Listing

If you want the best results from your advert, then you need to know how to list your property on Rightmove in the best way. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Double-check the details. Simple mistakes can lead to a 3-bed property being listed as a 2 bed, or a detached house being listed as a semi-detached, meaning your target buyers may automatically discount your home.
  • Use the best-featured image. There’s a trend to always show the front of the house as the featured image, however, we recommend trying the photo that shows off the best feature of your house. It can often lead to better engagement of buyers.
  • Upgrade to a premium listing. Most agents offer the chance to upgrade to a premium Rightmove listing to give your property exposure. If you have this option and it’s reasonably priced, take it.
  • Don’t describe, sell. Many modern agents simply describe a home without really explaining the benefits of it. Make sure your listing is worded in such a way that buyers will find it irresistible.
  • Provide extra details. Make sure your home has plenty of photos and a floorplan as standard. But also, don’t forget things like virtual tours that can add a little extra punch to a listing and attract more enquiries.

There we have it, a few tips that should help you understand how to list your property on Rightmove for the most impact.

Don’t forget to use our online estate agent comparison to find the best agent for you. You may also be interested in our article on 5 ways to get higher offers for your house.

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