5 Ways To Get Higher Offers For Your House

How To Get Higher Offers For Your House

Once your house is on the market, you’ll no doubt want to maximise your chances of getting a good offer. The truth is, if you want to get higher offers for your house, you’ll need to put in the effort BEFORE your first viewing.

That’s because first impressions are really important. As soon as a potential buyer steps foot in your home, the clock is ticking to convince them your property is the one for them.

If you don’t have everything prepared perfectly well in advance, you risk losing a buyer. However, if you do manage to get it right, you achieve a higher sales price AND find a buyer more quickly.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you get higher offers for your house:

1) Declutter

Before you even contact the estate agent for a valuation, make sure you have a thorough declutter and get rid of anything you don’t need.

If you have a shed or a garage, it may even be worth starting to pack a few boxes ready for moving day. It may seem premature but it’ll show potential buyers you’re serious about selling, and it’ll save you time when you do come to move.

Just make sure you don’t pack anything you’re likely to need and write the contents of each box on the side so you can keep track of where things are.

Decluttering will help to make your property larger and more welcoming. A decluttered home also makes it easier for potential buyers to picture how their furniture will work in each room. A vital step towards securing a sale.

By doing this before you even contact an estate agent, you’ll ensure they give you the best possible valuation. It’ll also ensure the photographs they take are as appealing to potential buyers as possible.

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2) Make Your Home More Inviting

Remove as many personal photos and items as possible. You might love that family photo hanging above the TV, but your prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living there. And that’s hard to do with your photos everywhere.

When you have a potential buyer coming to look around, make sure your home is warm and cozy and avoid anything that will create bad smells, such as cooking fish.

Instead, light some scented candles or put some bread in the oven. If it’s cold outside, put the fire or heating on so that potential buyers don’t want to leave.

The more inviting your home, the more likely potential buyers are to fall in love with it.

Presenting House For Sale

3) Fix Any Issues

There’s nothing worse than viewing a property and finding yourself making an ever-growing list of things that need repairing. Even a few small jobs can start to mount up and spoil any magic you may have first felt about the house.

Repairing things doesn’t just cost money, they also indicate you haven’t taken as much care of the property as you might have done. And that could put potential buyers off. After all, if you haven’t fixed that dripping tap or that broken shower screen, what other jobs have you neglected that have yet to be discovered?

Go round your house with a fine toothcomb. Looking for any job that needs doing, no matter how small, and make a list. Then work through the list or get a handyman in to make everything good.

You may also want to use the opportunity to re-paint any walls that are looking tired. Stick to neutral tones to ensure your property has as broad appeal as possible.

4) Keep Things Clean & Tidy

Estate agents will often talk of the ‘kerb appeal’ of a property and how that can affect the price of a house. What that basically means is how appealing the house looks from the street.

You cant do anything about the design of the house, but you can make sure the front garden is tidied up and made to look as welcoming as possible.

Keep that theme going throughout the property. Tidy away those piles of washing or kids toys. Clean that kitchen and bathroom. Just like fixing all those small issues, keeping your house clean and tidy shows you have looked after it.

A clean and tidy house is always likely to attract more offers than a messy or unclean property.

Open House Viewings

5) Host An Open House

Generally, the more interest you get in your property, the higher the final sale price is likely to be. That’s because buyers will start trying to outbid each other to avoid missing out.

If your house hits the market and quickly gets a lot of enquiries, you’ll want to consider hosting an open house. This is where multiple viewings are booked on the property at the same time.

It may sound stressful, but it can work wonders to get higher offers for your house. When potential buyers see how much other interest there is in your property, they are more likely to make a higher offer to try and beat everyone else. No one likes to lose out on their dream home.

The added advantage is that you don’t have to constantly make your house ‘viewing-ready’. You can just clean and tidy once before the open house instead of having to do it before each individual viewing.

So there we have it, five sure-fire ways to get higher offers for your house. A good estate agent will be able to advise you on all of these points. They’ll also be able to negotiate any offers for you and help you sell your home for the maximum price possible.

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