Should You Buy A House Near A Pub?

Should You Buy A House Near A Pub?
According to official figures, the number of pubs and bars in the UK has been steadily falling over the last few years. However, if you’re looking to move, should you buy a house near a pub?

It’s a question that would-be buyers often ask, particularly as buying houses near to pubs or busy roads is thought to knock significant sums off the asking price. That means people can often afford larger, nicer houses if they are prepared to put up with the noise from their surroundings.

So, is it worth buying a house that’s near to a pub? Here are a few things to consider:


The first obvious question to ask yourself is will you use the pub? If you love a good pub and think the one near the house you are considering will become your nightly retreat then being so close to it could actually be a benefit!

However, if you’re not a regular pub-goer or that pub just isn’t your kind of place, being so close to it could actually be an inconvenience.


Even a pub that’s quiet and sedate during the day can suddenly come alive at night with music blurring out and those who have had a little too much to drink spilling out on to the streets and raising their voices.

Often, it’s not just a weekend thing either as pubs are under a lot of financial pressure these days so do their best to attract people in on weeknights too.

It’s not just music either, the smoking ban introduced in 2007 means more people hang around outside, even in poor weather. The noise of just a handful of conversations can easily travel on an evening.

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On warm summer evenings, people often flock to the pub. There’s something incredibly relaxing about sitting in a sunny beer garden with an ice cold glass of your favourite beverage.

But that means an increase in noise for those who live in close proximity. Worse yet, on hot evenings you might want to open a bedroom window, but, that means letting even more noise in. You’ll have to make that tricky choice between struggling to sleep due to heat, or struggling to sleep due to the noise of the pub!

Crime Rates

Alcohol can have an impact on crime with around 17% of violent crimes happening in or around a pub or club.  Rates of vandalism and criminal damage are also often higher in and around areas with pubs.

That means it’s worthing checking the crime stats in areas you are considering properties in, especially if a pub is nearby.

Parking Arrangements

Pubs Cause Parking Issues

If there is a pub close to a property you are considering buying, check how much parking they make available for their customers.

A large pub without much parking could easily mean an increase in the number of cars parking along the street.

And that means you may find it difficult to park outside your house when the pub is busy. Even if you have a drive, you may find access to your driveway is occasionally blocked by visitors to the pub.

Future Changes

What is a quiet pub at the moment, could easily become a noisy, thriving bar in the future if new owners take it over.

Equally, the pub could conceivably become something else entirely. As we mentioned at the start of the article, pubs are closing at a rapid rate. That means the pub next door could easily become a restaurant, nursery, care home, or even new houses!

It’s a bit of a lottery as depending what the pub turns into, it could either increase the value of the house or decrease the value. It could cause you more problems or less.


Many of the factors we have looked at will only be an issue if you buy a property that’s in close proximity to a pub or bar. The closer you live to one, the more of the above issues you are likely to encounter.

However, if your property is close enough to pubs and bars for you to reach them with just a short walk, yet far enough away to avoid the common issues and noise they case, being close to pubs can actually increase the value of a home.

So, Should You Buy A House Near A Pub?

Ultimately, the answer to the question “should you buy a house near a pub?” will depend on your own circumstances and attitudes to the factors mentioned above.

I’ve lived both near to an active pub and next to a pub that’s been converted into a care home….. and I know which one I prefer!

That said, being close to a pub will actually be a big plus point for some people and it will allow you to get more house for your money. Therefore, if you are prepared for the trade-offs we’ve mentioned, buying a house near a pub may not be a bad idea.

Just make sure you view the property multiple times and at different times of the day. And, be sure to visit the pub so you know what you are getting into if you do decide to buy a house near a pub.

If you do decide to go ahead, don’t forget we have tools available to help you find and compare solicitors, surveyors, and removal firms.

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