How To Sell Your House In A Hurry

How To Sell Your House In A Hurry
Want to know how to sell your house in a hurry? Then there are two great ways of doing this and we explain what they are here in this article.

There are tricks of the trade to help you find and attract buyers quickly.

While you could use one of the increasingly popular quick house sale companies that will pay cash for your property, there are downsides for what is a quick transaction. We explain more later.

Or, you could use the tips on selling a home quickly in this article from tried and tested methods.

The best way to sell a house quickly

What is the best way to sell a house quickly? The best and easiest way is to follow this strategy because, let’s face it, how many times do you see poorly decorated homes for sale on the estate agent’s websites or in their windows?

The answer is, you don’t. That’s because most properties look like they’ve just been freshly painted and decorated with the garden tidied up – and usually they have been.

This is your quick checklist for selling a house quickly:

Clean and declutter:

This is the first step to making your home more attractive to potential buyers, so you need to declutter every single room. This may mean taking several trips to the tip but it’s worth doing. You also need to carry out a deep clean of your home, organise wardrobes and cupboards because potential buyers will look into these.

Essentially, you’re aiming to create a clean canvas so potential buyers can imagine living in your home.

Decorate and carry out repairs:

While you won’t have much time for carrying out a major renovation, you should decorate every room and carry out those repairs that you’ve been meaning to do for some time, for example, fix leaking taps, repair door handles and fix loose tiles.

If you want to sell your house quickly, then make sure you carry out the repairs you've been postponing.

It may also be an opportunity to update your property so replacing outdated light fixtures or installing new appliances, particularly in the kitchen.

Boost your kerb appeal:

First impressions count for most people, which means that you not only need to improve the interior but the exterior of your home too. You may need to spend a weekend tidying the garden, clearing out the garage, and even planting flowers if necessary.

If your front door needs painting then do so, and then clean the windows and ensure the path and driveway is clear of weeds. Trim hedges and any over-growing tree branches.

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Since you need to impress people who may be using a mobile phone when perusing the estate agent’s website, you should use quality images of your home. Poor photographs will not show your property in the best light and will put off potential buyers. This is a crucial part of finding a buyer.

Choose your selling strategy:

When it comes to selling a home quickly, then you have two choices: either you use a traditional High Street estate agent or you can use an online estate agency.

You could even sell the property on your own but this is much difficult to do.

You should approach at least three estate agents, including one online offering, and have them value your property and then choose the price you think will attract a buyer.

Another option could be to use a quick house sale company, though be aware that while you’ll sell extremely quickly, you won’t get full value for your home.

Our Recommended Quick House Sale Companies:

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How do I sell my house fast in a slow market?

For those asking, ‘How do I sell my house fast in a slow market?’, then this advice is for you.

There are various reasons has to why the house selling market may slow down, usually linked to economic activity, but that does not mean that all house sales have stopped – you simply need to be more creative than usual. This will include:

You need to be creative in order to sell your house fast in a slow market.

Being creative:

If you really want to find a buyer, then you need to be more creative and, for example, along with using quality images of your home, you could put together a video tour to replace the need for a potential buyer to arrange a viewing and they can get a good idea of your property beforehand.

Improvements and repairs:

We’ve already mentioned that redecorating and fixing a dripping tap will help ensure your property is more attractive to potential buyers but a well-presented property will find someone interested in it.

You may need to invest slightly more in a slow moving house market, such as installing a new boiler or rewiring the property. These are the kinds of major projects and investments that a buyer may be put off from.

The price is right:

There’s no doubt that pricing a property at a realistic asking price will help it to sell. Being unrealistic in a slow-moving market will not help you.

As mentioned previously, you should obtain at least three valuations from estate agents and be wary of the agent pitching a particularly high price so they can secure you as a client.

Check what other homes are selling for – particularly those that were on the market for long-time and how much they eventually sold for.

What sells houses quickly?

Even in a slow-moving housing market, your neighbours might be finding buyers for their homes and you may be left wondering what sells houses quickly?

One survey for the property portal Rightmove found that 28% of homes took at least six months to sell and 8% had been listed on their site for at least 12 months.

A spokesman for Rightmove said: “If some properties are selling and yours isn’t, then you have the price too high, or a property with limited appeal.

“After six months or more, your property will appear to be stale and could be ignored by prospective buyers. A price reduction to make them take notice will be required and if you carry out a makeover, then you’ll need new photos to show it off and an updated description.”

What to do if your house is not selling?

If your house is not selling after trying everything you can think of, maybe it's time to call your estate agent and ask for his unbiased opinion.

The advice about what sells houses quickly also extends about what to do if your house is not selling.

This may be the time to listen to the expert advice from your estate agent, particularly any advice that you did not want to hear when you were preparing your home for selling.

Estate agents deal with lots of sellers every month and they want you to sell your property so the advice they give is impartial and honest. Listen to it.

Along with rethinking the asking price, you may need to be more accommodating when it comes to viewings. So either do more to comply with the times that prospective buyers want to view your home or let your agent do this on your behalf.

What makes a house unsellable?

According to Post Office Money Mortgages, the average house will take 102 days to sell – that’s nearly three-and-a-half-months.

However, these selling times can vary depending on local demand and, for example, in Edinburgh, the selling time is just 72 days while in London, sellers may take 126 days to complete.

So, if you are asking what makes a house unsellable, there are four issues to take on board:

The property is not being marketed effectively: you need to speak with your estate agent to see what marketing they have done to find a buyer.

The property has limited appeal: Not every home will attract the same level of interest and sometimes a property will have limited appeal, including a large home with a small garden; a small home with a big garden, and those properties with more than three bedrooms.

The asking price is unrealistic: Perhaps the biggest reason why a house is struggling to sell is down to how much the asking price is. If a potential buyer can find a home just like yours and in a similar location, but with a lower price, why would they make an offer on your more expensive offering?

First impressions: Again, you need to make a great first impression because, according to, the average buyer will take just 40 seconds to decide whether they are going to make an offer on your home. Put simply, time is not on the seller’s side and you need to impress from the moment a potential buyer pulls up outside your home.

Sell my house quick for cash

There are many ways to sell your house quick for cash, but be prepared to sell for a lower price.

Undoubtedly, the best way to find a buyer is to search online with, ‘Sell my house quick for cash’.

There are lots of firms offering a cash buying service for a homeowner wanting to offload their property and who wants to access the cash very quickly.

The service is quick and the buyer will value the property and make an offer. Some firms can turn this process around in just seven days.

Most house buying services are interested in all and every type of property regardless of its location or condition. Even in a slow moving market, they still want to buy properties and you will enjoy not having to pay estate agency fees or legal costs.

Be aware that they will be offering less than the property’s current market value because they need to make a profit when they sell it.

You’ll need to sit down and carefully calculate whether this option of selling your house quickly to a cash buyer is for you and weigh-up the potential savings against the expected price being paid.

If you decide this type of service is right for you, be sure to check out our quick house sale companies reviews.

Our Recommended Quick House Sale Companies:

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Strategies for selling your home quickly

The alternative strategies for selling your home quickly include:

  • Selling to a potential investor: They will ‘flip’ your property after renovating it. You’ll need to sell at less than the market price for the developer to invest money and still make a profit.
  • Sell your home to a developer: This is an option if yours is a large property or is in on a large piece of land that a developer can then develop and add more homes to it.
  • Sell your home at auction: Using an auction to sell your property is a quick way to find a buyer but be prepared for selling at much less than the local market values.
  • Rent your property out: In a slow-moving market, you may struggle to sell but you could rent your property out until the market picks up. This is an option for those who have the finance to move to another property and the rental income should cover your mortgage. This may also help when you put the house back on the market because you will not be involved in a chain which is hugely appealing to many buyers.

Know how to sell your house in a hurry

Essentially, if you need to know how to sell your house in a hurry, there is one tactic that we haven’t mentioned so far – and that’s to compromise.

No matter how much you spend on home improvements, or how much you’ve considered the asking price, you will need to accept that compromise will be necessary to sell your home at less than you are expecting on the open market but it’s a sound tactic if you need to sell up quickly and move.

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