How Offline Print Marketing Tools Can Help Sell Your House

How offline print marketing can sell your house
Congratulations! You took the decision to sell your house.

If you want to sell it all on your own, you might be unsure where to start. You probably made an online ad, posted on a couple of websites, but something is missing, right? For maximum reach of potential buyers, you should really invest in some offline print marketing.

Word of mouth can be your best friend when it comes to selling your house. Print marketing is a useful strategy to have people talking about your house.

Have the best of both worlds by combining your online presence with some offline print advertisements. Here are some ideas on how to do it:

Local Yokel

With all the opportunities that the Internet is offering, you can often forget the people right next to you. When buying a house, your priority is most likely a location you like. It’s not just you, most people prioritize the location of their house.

Put up a sign

Spread the news that your house is for sale to the locals. Think about your neighbours, who for sure glancing over to your home and watching as you move your things from your old house.

Each of them is a potential advocate for how nice is your house. But how can they be sure that you’re selling your house, you might be just redecorating.

Get their attention and let them know you’re selling your house by putting up a well-designed ‘For Sale’ sign.

So, when your neighbours see the ‘For Sale’ sign, they’ll pick up the phone and spread the news to their network about the fact that your house is for sale. And you never know, you next door neighbour’s friends might be looking for a house.

But the benefit of a nice ‘For Sale’ signs does not end there. Estate agents say that often people just drive through neighbourhoods they like to check out if there are houses for sale. That means that a good sign can definitely catch their attention and persuade them to call you.

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Have your phone blow up with calls from potential buyers by increasing your reach. The network of your neighbours might not be big enough to achieve the best results. That’s why you have to design an eye-catching poster.

Here’s a quick guide for creating a poster:

Advertising house by poster
1) Start with an idea in mind.

Before you look at the further steps, sit down and think about what you want the poster to look like, visualize it in your head. Of course, that’s just preliminary, but it’s nice to have a vision.

2) Clean up the house

You’re probably thinking: “That’s an odd step”. But think about it, on the poster you’re probably going to have a couple of pictures of your house, right? How are you going to attract buyers by having piles of fallen leaves on your porch or dirty laundry on the floor. Everybody does it, no shame, but let’s clean it up.

3) Get some pictures

Take out your phone, better yet, take out a camera and start photographing your house. But don’t just take up-front pictures of your front yard. A good angle from the side and from the ground up will make your house a bit bigger and the picture will look more stylish.

If you want to include pictures from the inside of the house, make sure you set the scene. Clean up, have good bright lighting and a nice combination of colours.

4) Choose the best ones

This step is quite self-explanatory. You can’t use all of the photos you took. Maybe get a friend, your spouse or another family member for a second opinion. Look at the photos and choose one or two.

5) Design your poster

Now comes the fun part. Start designing. You can use design tools like Photoshop or use online design tools that a print shop might be offering. Make sure you coordinate the colours in your pictures with the colours of the poster. Make it look striking and interesting.

Keep in mind that you have to include necessary information like contact details, address, maybe even a price point. A good idea is to include short text with a call to action, which can persuade people to call you.

6) Print your posters

Go online and search for a printer that can deliver your posters to your doorstep. It’s easy and time efficient.

7) Put up your posters

Place your posters at public notice boards near the address of the house you’re selling. If you have a larger budget, you can also rent advertising space in bus stops in the neighbourhood.

Flyers fly out

You can also easily create some flyers following the same steps, as for the creation of a poster. If you decide on flyer marketing, it’s very important that you also know how to distribute them, so as to reach the maximum amount of potential buyers.

Flyers can be very cheap if you order them in bulk, so it’s very affordable to order a bunch and spread them through the city.  

Give out flyers in a small radius around your house, but also go to a couple of different high traffic locations near your home

Go around the block and look for restaurants, shops and other businesses. You can also kindly ask the staff, if you could leave some flyers in their shop. Especially if they have waiting areas, your flyer could become great reading material for somebody.

Personal touch

Be ready to talk up your house to somebody at all times. You meet people everywhere and you can never be sure if the person sitting next to you is looking for a house. A good idea is to always be prepared with information. Have business cards with at all times.

You never know when you would need to give your contact details to a potential buyer. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity, so get some amazingly designed business cards and carry them in your wallet.

People will appreciate how prepared and professional you are. It will also make you appear more trustworthy and reliable. Not to mention that in general everybody likes to feel special. By giving them your personal contact details, they’ll for sure feel exclusive.

Offline print marketing is can be an amazing tool when it comes to house selling. There are many ways to effectively market your house.

However, real estate is an affair highly related to locality, so it would be best to make use of local print ads to successfully advertise your house. The most important thing is, at the end, to shake hands and sell it easily and smoothly.

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