5 Top Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

5 Top Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly
Preparing your house for sale is not something you can achieve over a weekend.

It typically requires a few repairs on the outside and inside, decluttering, paintwork, and finding the right realtor along with preparing the needed documentation.

All these things will take a lot longer than you may think, so here are a few tips you can use to speed up the process of selling your property fast.

1. Choose an estate agent that is well-established

Start by searching for “sold” boards in your local area. This will give you an idea of the agents that do well in the area. Ask for valuations from at least 3 different agencies, and make sure you ask them to provide you with information about the marketing activities that they use.

Find out if they plan to promote your home across several channels in order to reach wider audiences. The well-established agents will ensure the right type of buyers find out about your home. Moreover, they will also have a list of potential buyers already registered.

You can ask for help from an expert for selling property fast, like flying Homes quick house sales. They can give you advice to make your property look appealing to the buyer.

2. Make sure you are as sale-ready as you can be

If you are ready to move, your sale might be much faster!

Many sellers are in the chain, which means they are also looking to purchase a new home. This has the potential to delay the sale. However, by preparing to move and to be ready to buy your next home can assist you in selling your current property a lot faster.

Making sure you are sale-ready will include things like consulting with a mortgage adviser, making sure you have chosen a solicitor in advance and making sure all your documentation is in order. 

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3. Be realistic about your asking price

Listing your property for a high price often seems to be the most logical approach. You may be thinking that buyers are going to try and negotiate the price down anyway. However, this is the wrong approach and it will turn away potential buyers that might have made an offer. 

In many cases, buyers do not have the patience or the time to look at the houses that will necessitate negotiations. In addition, if your home is priced too high and none of the buyers are making offers, your property will quickly become a listing that is stale.

If listings go stale and they are around for sale for too long, the buyer’s agents start to take notice and you will usually end up with much lower offers than you would have if you had made the decision to price the property correctly from the start. 

The best approach to pricing your property is to find out the prices of similar houses in your local area and then price accordingly.

Many expert estate agents know from experience that if homes are listed according to the actual market value, it usually results in bidding wars, which means you can potentially receive offers that are close to, at, or in some cases higher than the original price that you listed your home for. 

4. Stay up to date with the latest technology

It is fundamental that your house is listed in a mobile-friendly website with mobile-friendly pictures!

Potential buyers will not look at your home, or even consider purchasing it if they are not intrigued or interested in your real-estate listing online. In today’s world, the Web is the primary driving force when it comes to selling homes, and this is important to keep in mind when you are looking to sell your property fast. 

According to research, around 44% of potential buyers will start house hunting online. Only around 17% of these buyers will contact a real estate agent first. 

When considering the term “online”, it is very specific when it comes to selling homes. Today the more popular method that people use to surf the web includes using their mobile devices. When you list your house for sale, keep in mind that many people will usually view your listing from a mobile device. 

It is important that your photos are mobile-friendly and professional. Professional photography of the home can translate into more interest and selling your home a lot faster when compared to making the choice to use low-definitions photos online.

These images have to be sharp and clear to ensure they stand out when viewed on a mobile device. If potential buyers are not intrigued by your photos in the listing, they probably will not waste their time in setting up a viewing. 

5. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is something you cannot escape these days. With more than 2 billion people across the world that use platforms like Facebook, this makes this platform the strongest when it comes to marketing.

On average, each of the Facebook users has over 200 Facebook “friends”, that they share personal information, news articles, and photos with. 

Social media might help you sell your house more quickly.

Using this platform to attract potential buyers is one of the best things you can do. When you “share” your listing, you are displaying your property to a significantly wider audience. If other people start “sharing” the post, it opens up the listing to an even wider audience. 

What to do if your home is still not selling

There is definitely nothing to be ashamed of in changing your tactics and your approach should things not work out in your favour.

You can start off by looking at your home dispassionately, or even asking a close friend for their honest opinion on whether or not they would purchase your home at the price it is currently listed at. 

You can also ask your agent for advice on what they think might be the issue. If the issue lies in a lack of buyers coming to view the property, it might be a good idea to go with another agent or even try to market your home privately. 

If there are more fundamental issues that are turning away potential buyers such as noisy neighbours or traffic noises, you might want to schedule your viewings for a time in the day when things are a bit quieter.

You could also approach your neighbours and explain to them in a calm and polite way that you are trying to sell your home and whether they can accommodate you by keeping the noise levels down when you have potential buyers viewing your home.

If you need to sell urgently and don’t mind lowering the asking price to do so, a cash buying company may be an option. You can check our quick house sale reviews for guidance as to which company may be best for you.

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