The First 5 Smart Devices To Buy For Your New Home

The First 5 Smart Devices To Buy For Your New Home
You’ve made the leap, and begun a fresh chapter of your story in a new home – so why not make it the best it can be?

Here are five crucial pieces of smart technology that will make your home – and your life – better, and add some value to the property before you’ve even organised a housewarming party.

1. Smart speaker

When you’re setting up your smart home system, the first step is getting a voice assistant which will allow you to easily give instructions to every smart device in your home.

With a simple command, you can control any part of your network, from switching the lights on to telling your coffee maker to whip up another batch.

You can also quickly find out about anything you please, from the weather, your calendar, and the latest news, to how old the Earth is or who’s starring in the film you’re watching. 

It’s your portal to controlling your home, and accessing near-limitless knowledge – and all for £25 to £50.

A smart speaker can improve your home life in so many ways!

2. Smart thermostat

Whether you’re freezing cold during winter or working up a sweat in summer, a smart thermometer is the solution to your woes. With a few taps of an app or a couple of voice commands, you can change your heating habits entirely.

Lying on a beach somewhere and realised you forgot to set your heating? No problem. Make sure your home stays at a decent temperature while you’re away, and is at the perfect heating level when you return.

As the Energy Saving Trust explains, “smart thermostats allow you to adjust your heating very easily, helping to make your home more comfortable very quickly.”

These handy tools can also save you plenty of money. The Connected Devices Alliance says that “studies indicate smart home technologies could reduce energy use in homes by almost 30%” – which would mean savings of £450 on average, according to Ofgem and Water UK.

3. Robot vacuum

Buying a new home is a messy process, moving your belongings is a chaotic kerfuffle, and unpacking is exhausting.

The last thing you want to do after all of that is to loudly vacuum your floors, once a week, every week, until the end of time – so don’t! Get an intelligent, unobtrusive robot to do it for you, and lie back on the sofa with a hot mug of cocoa. You’ve earned it.

Clean house, without an effort.

These machines now come equipped with different cleaning modes – to ensure that they take care of every dirty spot, whatever the surface – as well as cutting-edge sensors to make sure they don’t fall down the stairs. Bliss, here you come.

4. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

This isn’t the most glamorous purchase, but if flames or carbon monoxide are spreading through your new home, you’ll want to know – and fast. After all, guaranteeing your safety in a new space is crucial.

What makes smart alarms different from the ones you grew up with? Well, they’re much more self-sufficient, for one. No more high-pitched squeaking or urgent flashing lights – these machines check themselves hundreds of times a day, and will alert you if anything’s amiss.

If disaster does strike, the alarm will let you know how serious the issue is, and which room it’s happening in. That way, you can avoid further danger.

Plus, they can last up to a decade, so you can plug them in and (hopefully) forget they exist for years on end.

5. Smart camera

In the year ending June 2019, there were 1.3 million household thefts in England and Wales, according to the Office for National Statistics. Your new home doesn’t need to be one of them.

Keep your house safe with smart cameras.

A smart camera can help keep you safe from prospective burglars, while also keeping an eye on your badly behaved housemates – whether that means children, pets, or a partner who wants to pretend they didn’t eat the last doughnut.

With top-tier machines available for as little as £20 to £30, there’s no reason to hold out on protecting your prized possessions from internal and external threats.

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