11 Creative Ideas For Leftover Paint

Creative Ideas For Leftover Paint
One of the best things about redecorating the home is the ability to get creative.

You get to look at your home as if it’s a purely blank canvas, ready to take a stamp of your personality in any way that you see fit.

If you are currently in the midst of making tweaks here and there, upgrades here and there and generally giving your home a little bit of TLC, it’s likely you’re going to be sat on quite a bit of leftover paint.

People who love to decorate tend to overbuy when it comes to paint, because there’s a tendency to buy extra to be ‘on the safe side’.

Many types of paint also cannot be thrown in the bin like the rest of the household leftovers; there are centres for you to be able to recycle it, but it’s always a pain trying to get there!

With a little imagination, you can find TONS of things to do for leftover paint projects. Your home has already been brightened up, and your leftover paint is going to help you to match other areas of the home to the walls.

When you want to know how to use leftover paint samples as well as those random half-tins that you have lying around, check out these eleven creative ideas for leftover paint:

1) A Feature Wall

Painting An Accent Wall

You may have used a deep navy paint hue on the bedroom upstairs to create a deeper, more calming environment. However, you now have half a tin of unwanted navy paint with nowhere to go.

Well, with a little creativity, you can turn around another room in the home. Take the lounge, for example.

There’s often a lot of beige going on in a lounge, but with a feature wall in a deep colour, you can make the room stand out.

If you don’t want a block of wall painted a dark colour, grab some masking tape and make your own abstract pattern and paint over it. Once it’s dry, peel back the tape and – boom – artwork.

2) Give Your Utensils Flavour

Painting Kitchen Utensils

Well, no one would recommend that you eat the paint, but if you want a leftover paint project to make your heart sing, use the leftover kitchen paint on the handles of wooden spatulas and spoons.

Don’t end there, painting the knobs on the cupboards and shelves in the kitchen can give them new life too.

3) Add Beautiful Wall Decor

Stencilled Wall Pattern

Small rooms aren’t always painted in anything other than white or cream. You can choose how to use your leftover paint samples in bolder colours by adding a decor such as a dado rail around the edge of the walls.

Most of the time, dado rails are white. Why go with the masses when you could use the rest of your paint and save yourself the trek of disposing of it properly?

Your home can look massively unique with a dado rail or stencilled pattern in colours to match the rest of the room.

4) Go To The Garden

Painted Plant Pot

Those large planters that you fill with bright flowers to make the garden brighter? They’re not so bright, are they?

Well, with leftover paint, you can brighten those planters and plant pots with very little effort. You could also take those leftover paint pots to the garden shed and make it look fantastically bold

5) Reinvent Older Furniture

Paint Old Furniture

When you want creative ideas for leftover paint, check out the room you are stood in. The tired set of drawers that you’ve used as a bedside table could look far classier with a lick of paint to match the walls.

Finish it with varnish and you have what looks like new furniture.

6) Stamp It Out

Childrens Hand Prints

You don’t have to be limited in your creativity by just painting your leftover paint in one way.

Invest in cute stamps and make your way around the children’s bedroom with your paint-covered stamps. Your family and friends will love your imaginative approach to decor!

7) Curb Appeal

Painted Front Door

The outside of the home can be as upgraded as the inside, so if you want to truly give your home a new life, think about painting the front door.

Most front doors in your street may be bland and boring, but yours doesn’t have to be if you have a wooden door.

Slam bright colours over the front door – or failing that, the garage door – and you can really make your home pop and give it value.

8) Go Unexpected

Painted Stairs

The wooden stairs in the home look wonderful and are low maintenance, but by painting a strip of colour against them, you can give your home a powerfully unique look without very much effort.

Making your interior something special can really change the way that people see your home.

9) Kitchen Disco

Repaint Kitchen With Leftover Paint

A plain kitchen can look a little bland.

With some neon colours that are leftover from other leftover paint projects, you can brighten up the kitchen cabinets with stamps, stencils or just beautiful blocks of colour to match the accessories and the walls.

10) Framing It

Painted Frames

When you are looking into unique and creative ideas for leftover paint, you need to look at the smaller things in the house that you can upgrade.

The frames around your photos in the house can really use another look, so cover them in the leftover paint and you have a quirky but beautiful addition to your house without even trying too hard.

11) Do It Yourself

Abstract Art

While all of your leftover paint projects are a game in doing it yourself, you could buy some blank canvases and make geometric patterns of your own to hang on the walls.

Who needs to splash the cash on the big artists when you can update your home with your own artwork?

With all of these options, you are spoilt for choice in what to do with your leftover paint. Go big, go bold and be unique; your creative side is now unleashed!

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