House Prices 106 Times Higher Than When England Last Won The World Cup

World Cup House Prices
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Property prices in the UK are now 106 times higher than they were in 1966 when England last won the World Cup.

That’s according to research from online mortgage broker, Trussle who have analysed Land Registry figures to come up with their conclusions.

In 1966, the average property cost just £2,006, whereas today it’s reached a staggering £211,000 – an increase of almost 10,520%.

Compare that to the average salary which has gone from £798 in 1966, to £26,500 today. That’s an increase of almost 3,330% which makes it clear to see why there is a problem for first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder.

The footballers themselves have fared a lot better. The likes of Geoff Hurst, Nobby Styles, and Bobby Charlton were taking home an average of £2,288 a year when England last lifted the Jules Rimet trophy. That was still a good salary and enough for them to comfortably buy a house.

Nowadays footballers like Harry Kane, Dele Alli, and Raheem Sterling are taking home an average of £2,600,000 a year. That’s an increase of almost 114,000% and enough to buy 12 houses and still have change left over!

That shows how much times have changed, whereas the average house has become out of reach for many people working normal jobs, footballers can now afford to buy more properties than their 1966 counterparts.

Dramatic Changes To The UK Property Market

Ishaan Malhi, CEO and founder of Trussle, said: “A lot of has changed since England won the World Cup. We’ve put a man on the moon, invented the internet, and we’ve seen technology transform almost every aspect of our lives.

“We’ve also seen the UK housing market change dramatically. Prices have soared in the last 52 years, wages have struggled to keep pace, and for young people, the chances of getting on the property ladder today will feel a lot slimmer than they did in 1966.”

There’s long been a debate about the ever-rising footballer’s wage demands and this research puts into perspective exactly how much things have changed.

The only question now is whether the nation will turn a blind eye to their excessive wage demands if they come back from Russia as World Champions in July!


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