42% Of Scale-Up Property Businesses Believe They’ll Benefit From Brexit

Scale-Up Businesses Attitude To Brexit
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A new report claims that 42% of scale-up construction and real estate firms believe that the Governments approach to Brexit and international trade will benefit them.

The study was carried out by Smith & Williamson, the accountancy, tax and investment group, who asked 500 scale-up companies and more than 500 non-scale-ups a series of questions about their business and views of the future.

A scale-up business is defined as an enterprise which has grown in either headcount or revenue by 20% for three consecutive years, from a starting position of ten or more employees.

While 42% claimed Brexit could be a good thing for them, 40% stated that they expected it to have no impact at all.

Further to this, 69% of those questioned were planning on taking on more staff to fuel their growth, despite the date for the UK to officially leave the EU fast approaching.

Conflicting Reports

Jackie Oakes, scale-up lead in the Real Estate group at Smith & Williamson, said: “It’s been fascinating to gain insight into how such successful companies think and feel. We have uncovered considerable differences between scale-ups and the rest of the business community, in both mentality and approach.

“While our findings show that the scale-up business community in construction and real estate is relatively positive about Brexit we will only truly be able to scope the business opportunity when we have further clarity on the UK’s future trading position.”

The findings come just days after two other reports claimed that Brexit was continuing to affect the property market and that any signs of growth were being stifled by the uncertainty around Britain leaving the EU.

If this latest information is true to the broader markets views, it would seem that the inertia is not being felt by firms operating within the property industry even if consumer demand has slowed.

The report goes on to compare the attitudes of scale-up businesses to other businesses and investigate how technology is playing a role in helping scale-ups become successful.


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