Renters ‘Least Likely To Compromise On Local Amenities’

Renters Compromise On Local Amenities
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A survey of renters by property website Zoopla has revealed some surprising information about the factors that renters are unwilling to compromise on when it comes to choosing a property.

The survey

The survey of 1,700 people showed that the majority of renters are relatively flexible in terms of the area that they were willing to live in but will not compromise on a range of other issues.

It found that 61% of renters didn’t have their hearts set on a certain area, but would consider properties in a range of areas as long as the property met their preferred criteria. 

The results

Surprisingly, above factors such as the number of bedrooms and the monthly rental amount, it was local amenities, such as shops, pubs and restaurants that came out as the most important consideration for renters when they were looking for a new rental property.

The top ten factors that renters were unwilling to compromise on, in order from least likely to most, were:

  1. Local amenities
  2. Number of bedrooms
  3. Size of the property
  4. Outside space
  5. Distance from place of work or study
  6. Rental price
  7. Decor and furnishings
  8. Distance to transport links
  9. General standard of the property
  10. Distance from friends or family

For estate agents, with only 39% of renters searching exclusively in specific areas, it’s a great opportunity to help renters find properties in areas they have not previously considered, opening new business opportunities.

Zoopla’s comments

Annabel Dixon, spokesperson for Zoopla, commented: ‘Our research paints an interesting picture of renters’ priorities when looking for a new home. It may come as a surprise to discover that renters are more likely to prioritise access to local amenities over the number of bedrooms and rental price.

‘Given that the majority of renters are open-minded on location, our research highlights an opportunity for letting agents to introduce renters to new areas that they wouldn’t have considered themselves.’


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