New Review Site Aims To Provide Clarity For PropTech Industry

PropTech Reviews
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With the UK PropTech industry potentially worth an eye-watering £6 billion, it’s clear that keeping track of the thousands of providers is becoming increasingly difficult for agents, investors, and the wider public alike.

In fact, as of June 2019, 805 UK PropTech companies had received external investment. Add that to the many more who are trying to weave a path using their own money and it’s clear this is a market growing at a rapid pace.

That’s why a new website has launched aiming to cut through the confusion and provide much-needed clarity for those considering PropTech offerings. PropTech Reviews is a platform that lists many of the UK’s biggest PropTech providers, as well as smaller, up-and-coming businesses.

Split into four key areas; agent, investor, homeowner, and other tech, the website provides its own take on each brand through an editor review. Alongside this, customers are invited to leave their own reviews of the tech they have tried to help others who are in the hunt for new offerings.

Reviews Vetted For Integrity

“While the UK PropTech sector is a fast-moving, ever expanding area, that also brings with it a challenge for PropTech users to find the best and most suitable brands to work with. We’ve created PropTech Reviews to help people find new PropTech and get recommendations from past customers.

“Every review will be verified by our team in order to help maintain the integrity of the platform and protect both members and visitors from misleading reviews.

“We’re also aiming to increase exposure for PropTech brands through a range of paid and organic search activity, helping level the playing field for everyone.” Explained the platform’s founder, Paul James.

The platform is currently offering free listings to all UK PropTech companies. Each free listing comes with a 500-word editor review and the ability to accept reviews from customers.

“We have big ambitions for the platform and an exciting roadmap of new features and exposure opportunities we’ll be able to offer our members over the coming months.

“However, we want to reward those early adopters who join us from the start. We already have over 100 businesses listed on the platform but we are still offering completely free listings as we look to grow and expand our coverage.”

UK PropTech companies who are interested in creating a listing can see what’s included, here:

Those looking to explore the 100+ PropTech companies already listed on the site can start their search, here:


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